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    15A 250V Locking Plug, 2 Pole, 3 Wire

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    15 amp 250 volt electric locking plug with thermoplastic back cover, 2 pole and 3 wire grounding, designed with black-beige color and super tough nylon, selectable male plug and female plug. It is commercial application and manufacturer direct sale.
    SKU: ATO-LP6-15
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    Twist locking plug is suitable for medical devices, electronics, lighting, machinery, grills, generators and lifts, etc. It comes with nylon material, high quality and durable, fall resistant and explosion-proof. Plug matching socket has the function of clamping the power cord to prevent the phenomenon of slack power failure in the work.


    Model ATO-LP6-15
    Plug Type NEMA 6-15 Plug
    Materials Nylon and full copper
    Certifications UL/ CSA/ CUL
    Rated Voltage 250V
    Rated Current 15 Amp
    Wiring & Connecting 2 Pole 3 Wire
    Terminal Clamp Material 0.08" (2) steel-nickel plated
    Terminal Screw Material 10-32 Brass white finish on neutral screw when use
    Ground Screw Material 10-32 Brass (green finish), multi-device
    Dielectric Voltage Withstand 18000V minimum
    Current Interrupting Certified for current interrupt at full rate current
    Temperature Resistant Max 30℃ temperature rise at full rated current after 50 cycles of overload at 150% of rated current at a power factor of 75℃
    Operating Temperatures Maximum continuous 75℃ minimum -40℃ (w/o impact)
    Terminal Identification 14/3, 12/3, 10/3 AWG size conductors; terminals identified in accordance with UL498 (X, Y, Z, white, green)

    Tips: How does electrical locking plug prevent loose?

    • The standard of locking plug and plug should match. For example, 10A locking plug can only be connected to the 10A plug, 16A locking plug can only be connected to the 16A plug. If both are mixed such as 10A plug is connected 16A locking plug, so that the internal connection of the locking spring caused damage, not only not firmly and pulled out the next time in the connection will cause the connection loose.
    • The force of connecting the locking plug should be appropriate and the Angle should be correct. If it is difficult to plug, it is not allowed to be force to plug, otherwise it will damage the locking plug internal connection. The correct way is that you should first observe whether the two match, and slowly connect them in the appropriate force.
    • Try to reduce the times of plug and unplug.

    Purchase Guide

    In this video, we have developed a comprehensive guide that details the key factors to consider before making a purchase decision for outlets.

    Existing reviews of 15A 250V Locking Plug, 2 Pole, 3 Wire
    Robust 250V locking plug
    Locking plugs are easy to assemble and create a strong connection to the wire. 250V locking plug can be reassembled by unscrewing the top screw, loosening the base clamping screw, feeding the wire, and unscrewing the stripped wire accordingly.
    From: natan | Date: 16/01/2023
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    Arrived as scheduled
    15A 250V locking plug was as described and mounted easily. Arrived as scheduled. Would definitely order again and would recommend to others.
    From: Diggy | Date: 25/07/2022
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    Excellent 250 volt electric locking plug
    The locking plug comes in a box with wiring instructions, and I found this plug to be one of the easiest to wire. All screws are permanently attached so they will never come off. The four-wire input is well identified so any electrician or engineer can use it and make no mistakes.
    From: Kurtz | Date: 20/05/2022
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    Perfect locking plug!
    I bough this locking plug for weeks. Worked perfectly for my use on a home generator wiring project. Easy to install and very good wiring connectors. I would highly recommend.
    From: James | Date: 28/04/2022
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