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    1dB 10W RF Fixed Attenuator, 50 Ohm

    ATO fixed RF attenuator for sale, frequency range from DC to 6GHz, attenuation value 1dB, impedance 50 Ohm, working power 10W at 25℃. Low price coaxial attenuator is an essential electronic component designed for radio frequency (RF) applications, particularly in high-power microwave systems such as those used in GPS devices. This coaxial device operates passively to reduce signal strength while maintaining a consistent impedance across a specific frequency range.
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    1dB 10 watt fixed coaxial attenuator designed for in-line use, seamlessly integrates into coaxial systems, making it a versatile solution for various electronic setups. Employing advanced microstrip technology, the fixed RF attenuator effectively minimizes signal levels without introducing significant reflections or distortions.


    • Model: ATO-SMAJKS-06-10W-1dB
    • Frequency Range: DC~6GHz
    • Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR): 1.2 (Max)
    • Attenuation Value: 1dB
    • Attenuation Accuracy: ±0.5dB
    • Impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Power: 10W
    • Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 1000V
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥5000MΩ
    • A connector Type: SMA-Male
    • B connector type: SMA-Female
    • Working Temperature: -55℃~+100℃
    • Inner Conductor Material: Beryllium Bronze with Gold Plating
    • Outer Conductor Material: Stainless Steel Passivated
    • Insulator: PTFE
    • Service Life: ≥500

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    1dB~30dB 10W RF fixed attenuator dimension

    Tips: Difference between attenuation and insertion loss

    Attenuation and insertion loss both relate to the reduction of signal strength in a transmission system, yet they differ in their contexts. Attenuation generally refers to the overall decrease in signal strength as it travels through a medium, encompassing factors like distance, material properties, and environmental conditions. It is a broad term that accounts for signal weakening in various ways.

    On the other hand, insertion loss specifically denotes the power reduction caused by the introduction of a device, component, or connector into the signal path. It is a measure of the performance impact of adding an element to the system. Insertion loss can include factors such as resistive losses, mismatches, and reflections at the interface between components. While attenuation reflects the cumulative effect of signal degradation, insertion loss focuses on the specific impact of a particular element within the transmission chain.

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