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    1hp (0.75kW) Stainless Steel Motor, 3 Phase, B3/ B5/ B14

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    Cheap price stainless steel motor with rated power 750 watt, rated voltage 208V~230V/ 460V, 50-60Hz frequency, 2 pole, three mounting types for selection. Stainless steel electric motor is widely used in fields with high hygiene requirements such as food, chemical industry, medical equipment, etc.
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    1hp stainless steel motor with 3 phase, TENV cooling type, IE 4 efficiency and class F insulation class. The stainless motor offers low noise, easy to clean and long service life.


    • Smooth stainless steel enclosures easy to clean and sanitize.
    • IP65 for water protection rating ensures suitability for clean in place washdown procedures.
    • Encapsulated windings prevent any water and moisture from reaching the windings.
    • Low surface temperature with less operation costs due to high efficiency.


    Model IEC-801
    Rated power 1hp (750W)
    Rated voltage 208V~230V/ 460V
    Number of pole 2P
    Phase 3 phase
    Cooling method TENV
    Frequency 50/ 60Hz
    Raged speed 2950r/min
    Mounting type B3/ B5/ B14
    Stainless steel 304
    Protection grade IP65
    Insulation class Class F
    Protect Feature Waterproof
    Efficiency IE 4
    Weight 29kg
    Certificate CE, UL
    Warranty 12 months


    Dimension of 750W stainless steel motor

    Dimension of 750W stainless steel motor

    Dimension of 750W stainless steel motor

    Mounting type Frame size Mounting dimensions (mm)
    A A/2 B C D E F G H K M N P R S T Flange Hole Shaft Hole AB AC AD
    B3 80 125 62.5 100 50 19 40 6 15.5 80 10 - - 144 - - - - M6 150 144 135
    B14 - - - - 19 40 6 15.5 - - 100 80 120 0 M6 3 4 M6 - 144 135
    B5 - - - - 19 40 6 15.5 - - 165 130 200 0 12 3.5 4 M6 - 144 135



    750W Stainless Steel Motor Details

    Tips: The Basic Structure of Stainless Steel Motor.

    The stainless steel motor is mainly composed of a stator and a rotor. The stator is a stationary part, and the rotor is a rotating part. There is a certain air gap between the stator and the rotor.
    The stator is composed of iron core, winding and base. The rotor consists of an iron core and windings. The rotor windings have squirrel cage and wire wound windings. The squirrel-cage rotor is formed by inserting copper bars into the rotor core slots, and then welding all the copper bars at both ends on two copper end rings; the wire-wound rotor winding is the same as the stator winding, and the windings composed of coils are put into the rotor core In the slot.

    Existing reviews of 1hp (0.75kW) Stainless Steel Motor, 3 Phase, B3/ B5/ B14
    High quality motor
    I bought this 1 hp stanless steel motor to replace my broken one. This motor arrived on time and which has high quality at low price! I really surprised!
    From: Sapello | Date: 30/05/2022
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