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    7.5hp (5.5kW) Stainless Steel Motor, 3 Phase, B3/ B5/ B14

    Cost-effective stainless steel electric motors with rated power 5.5kW, rated voltage 208V~230V/ 460V, 2 pole, TEFC cooling method, 2950r/min raged speed. It is widely used in fields with high hygiene requirements such as food, chemical industry, medical equipment, etc.
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    5500 watt stainless steel motor with class F insulation class, food safe stainless steel motors for food and beverage plants can withstand high pressure cleaning, easily maintaining hygiene standards while reducing downtime.


    • Smooth stainless steel enclosures easy to clean and sanitize.
    • IP65 for water protection rating ensures suitability for clean in place washdown procedures.
    • Encapsulated windings prevent any water and moisture from reaching the windings.
    • Low surface temperature with less operation costs due to high efficiency.


    Model IEC-132S1
    Rated power 7.5hp (5.5kW)
    Rated voltage 208V~230V/ 460V
    Number of pole 2P
    Phase 3 phase
    Cooling method TEFC
    Frequency 50/ 60Hz
    Raged speed 2950r/min
    Mounting type B3/ B5/ B14
    Stainless steel 304
    Protection grade IP65
    Insulation class Class F
    Protect Feature Waterproof
    Efficiency IE 4
    Weight 90kg
    Certificate CE, UL
    Warranty 12 months


    Dimension of 7.5hp stainless steel motor

    Dimension of 7.5hp stainless steel motor

     Dimension of 7.5hp stainless steel motor

    Mounting type Frame size Mounting dimensions (mm)
    A A/2 B C D E F G H K M N P R S T Flange Hole Shaft Hole AB AC AD
    B3 132S 216 108 140 89 38 80 10 33 132 12 - - 244   - - - M12 246 256 192
    B14 - - - - 38 80 10 33 - - 165 130 200 0 M10 3.5 4 M12 - 256 192
    B5 - - - - 38 80 10 33 - - 265 230 300 0 15 4 4 M12 - 256 192



    5500W Stainless Steel Motor Details

    Tips: Types of Protection of Stainless Steel Motor.

    Overload protection:
    Motor overload means that its working current exceeds the rated value and the windings are overheated. There are many reasons for the overload, such as a sudden increase in load, a decrease in power supply voltage, and motor bearing wear.
    Overload is similar to overcurrent, but there are also differences. The main difference lies in the action effect. Overcurrent is the electromagnetic effect that triggers the action of the protection device, aiming at the instantaneous magnitude of the current; while the overload protection is triggered by the thermal effect of the current, that is, the cumulative result of the current over time, which triggers the action of the protection device. Generally, in the same circuit, the overload protection action current value is smaller than the overcurrent, and both of them are smaller than the above-mentioned short-circuit protection action current value. It is worth noting that short-circuit protection, over-current protection and overload protection cannot replace each other.
    Overload protection should use thermal relay or motor protector as the protection element.

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