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    2 hp (1.5kW) Inflatable Air Blower for Bounce House

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    The inflatable bounce house air blower with 2 hp (1500 Watt) high efficient motor, is powerful enough to produce large air volume 49 m3/min or 82 m3/min for your choice. Low noise running, durable housing, and high efficiency, greatly suitable for residential and commercial inflatables including bounce houses, water slides, jumpers and so on.
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    • Powerful 2 hp or 1.5kW air blower can produce large airflow 49 m3/min or 82 m3/min, with smooth and quiet operation.
    • High durability and reliability with good quality plastic housing and metal fan impellers.
    • Air intake/outlet is covered with a protective screen to effectively keep impurities out.
    • Safe use indoor/outdoor with a sealed weatherproof switch to turm on/off the blower.
    • Strong inflatable air blower fan is perfect for large bounce houses, bouncy castles, water slides, obstacle courses, jumpers and other inflatable games, and also excellent for advertising and promotional inflatables such as arches and mascots.


    Model ATO-J-7E ATO-J-9E
    Power 1500 Watt / 2 hp
    Voltage 220-240V 50Hz 220-240V 50Hz or 110-120V 60Hz
    Speed 2850 rpm 3100 rpm
    Pressure 2600 Pa 3000 Pa
    Air Flow 1850 m3/h 2200 m3/h
    Power Cord Length 4m
    Material PE engineering plastic housing
    Waterproof Grade IPX4
    Certification CE, UL
    Dimension 520*340*565 mm 540*405*520 mm
    Net Weight/ Gross Weight 16kg/ 28kg 18kg/ 30kg

    Note: * The inflatable air blower with 50Hz voltage is NOT suitable for use with 60Hz power supply.

    Video - ATO Inflatable Air Blower Overview


    Air Blower for Inflatable ApplicationsTips: What Affacts the Performance of Inflatable Air Blowers?

    Is the air pressure of the inflatable air blower fan proportional to the air volume? Maybe we will have such a question some time.As a useful wind energy utilization device, air blowers are now used more and more widely.

    So, the number of blades and the installation angle of the small air blower were tested and analyzed. The NACA 4425 blade is used in the test. The blower fan can manually adjust the number of blades and the installation angle of the blade, and work in the relatively stable airflow field of the wind tunnel. The results show that the number of blades has a great influence on the performance of the blower. At low wind speeds, the blower performance is significantly improved with the addition of the number of blades. During this period, the maximum wind energy utilization factor of the six blades is 0.15. The mounting angle is also another factor influencing the performance of the fan. The blower performance has been greatly changed under the three viewpoints of 150, 22.50, and 30.

    Existing reviews of 2 hp (1.5kW) Inflatable Air Blower for Bounce House
    Best inflatable air blower I’ve ever used
    I purchased the inflatable air blower last month. It is incredibly easy to use and surprisingly quiet. I've used it several times now and it still performs as well as the day I bought it. Good value for money. Recommend it.
    From: Quinn | Date: 14/02/2023
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    Excellent inflatable air blower
    The blower that was packaged for our kids bounced house has burned out and  I decided to purchase a new one.  At first I thought it would be junk because the material feels kind of cheap, but after I started using it and realized it's deceptively tough.
    From: James | Date: 24/03/2022
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