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    1200W Industrial Air Blower, Variable Speed, 110V/220V

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    Small industrial air blower for sale, 1200 Watt, 110V/220V AC, designed for air vacuum and air blower with stable air volume, air flow available with 253m3/h (148 CFM), 240m3/h (140 CFM) and 228m3/h (134 CFM). The blower has 44.5 mm inlet & outlet diameter, and max. speed 20000 RPM, allowing variable speed to realize the air volume adjustable. High pressure, steady airflow and favorable price.
    SKU: ATO-ABL-1200
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    1200 watt compact and light air mover is great suitable for air vacuum and air blower, allowing air volume adjustable via 4 speed control mode of built-in potentiometer, 1.5V-10V, 1.5V-5V or 4-20mA. With rugged design, stable airflow and energy-saving, this blower is widely applied for ventilation, dust extraction or cooling of medical equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning, lithium battery equipment, printing and other industrial application fields.


    Model ATO-WB1-1200 ATO-WB2-1200 ATO-WB3-1200
    Input Voltage * AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
    Rated Current 6A
    Max. Power 1200 Watt
    Max. Vacuum 110mBar/ 11kPa 185mBar/ 18.5kPa 255mBar/ 25.5kPa
    Max. Pressure 124mBar/ 12.4kPa 208mBar/ 20.8kPa 286mBar/ 28.6kPa
    Max. Air Volume 253m3/h (148 CFM) 240m3/h (140 CFM) 228m3/h (134 CFM)
    Max. Speed 20000r/min
    Speed Control * Built-in potentiometer control, 1.5V-10V voltage control, 1.5V-5V voltage control, 4-20mA current control
    Inlet & Outlet Diameter 44.5mm
    Weight 2.3kg 2.5kg 3.0kg

    DIP Switch Setting

    Air blower DIP switch setting

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    •  ATO-WB1-1200600W air blower 105 CFM dimensions
    • ATO-WB2-1200Air blower 90 CFM dimensions
    • ATO-WB3-1200Air blower 82 CFM dimensions

    Air Vacuum/ Volume Curve Graph

    • Air blower 253m3/h (148 CFM)

    1200W 148 CFM air blower airflow curve graph

    • Air blower 240m3/h (140 CFM)

    1200W 140 CFM air blower airflow curve

    • Air blower 228m3/h (134 CFM)

    1200W 134 CFM air blower airflow curve

    Tips: Structure and Cassification of Air Blowers

    The main structural components of the blower are the impeller, housing, air inlet, bracket, the motor, pulley, coupling, muffler, transmission parts (bearing) and so on.

    According to the pressure of the air blower, the blowers can be divided into low pressure blowers, medium pressure blowers and high pressure blowers. The pressure range is as follows: low pressure: full pressure H ≤1000Pa, medium pressure: 1000Pa < H ≤ 3000Pa, and high pressure (centrifugal fan): 3000Pa < H ≤15000 Pa

    Low-pressure and medium-low pressure blowers are mostly used in ventilation engineering. High pressure air blowers can be divided into centrifugal blower and axial flow fan and water treatment blower, which are widely used in the sewage stirring and aeration in hospitals and laboratories, vacuum feeding in the printing industry, stirring and aeration of electroplating tanks and industrial wastewater, air supply of plastic welding, burner spray, glass industry and others.

    Based on technology of the air blowers, it can be divided into general mechanical bearing blower, magnetic suspension blower and air suspension bearing blower according to the bearing technology.

    Existing reviews of 1200W Industrial Air Blower, Variable Speed, 110V/220V
    The blower seems to be having some problems
    I purchased a blower back in February and I plugged it today for the first time, but nothing is happening. I connected the motor according to the instructions, with an e-stop between the mains and the blower.

    I know the issue isn’t with the cable or the e-stop, as I triple checked everything. I ordered the model with the internal potentiometer and I tried various positions, but nothing happens. The potentiometer on my unit turns freely.
    From: Whitney | Date: 27/05/2022
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    ATO Responded
    The input power of the model ATO-ABL-1200 (WB3-1I-H) is 110V, which is connected to the L and N terminals. There is a small hole next to the terminal block to display a potentiometer. You could use a screwdriver to adjust the potentiometer clockwise to turn it up (counterclockwise is to turn it down) and check whether the blower is working. Please refer to the user manual, see on:
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