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    750W Inflatable Air Blower for Bounce House

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    Cheap air blower is equipped with strong and efficient 1 hp (750W) motor to generate the 33 m3/min airflow. Made from PE engineering plastic, portable blower pump with a carry handle, can run smoothly and quietly, great for bounce houses, jumping castles, water slides, and other inflatables.
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    • With 1 hp (750W) powerful efficient motor, air blower can produce more airflow 33 m3/min.
    • Convenient top-mounted handle design, easy to transport or carry.
    • With reliable reinforced plastic housing and high quality metal fan impellers, low noise and high durability.
    • Air intake/outlet is covered with a protective screen to effectively keep impurities out.
    • Cheap yet reliable air blower pump is suitable for home and commercial bounce houses, bouncy castles, water slides, obstacle courses, jumpers and other inflatable games, and also great for advertising and promotional inflatables such as arches and mascots.


    Model ATO-J-4E
    Power 750 Watt / 1 hp
    Voltage 220-240V 50Hz or 110-120V 60Hz
    Speed 2850 rpm
    Pressure 1750 Pa
    Air Flow 1250 m3/h
    Power Cord Length 4m
    Material PE engineering plastic housing
    Waterproof Grade IPX4
    Certification CE, UL
    Dimension 490*310*470 mm
    Net Weight/ Gross Weight 10kg/ 17kg

    Note: * The inflatable air blower with 50Hz voltage is NOT suitable for use with 60Hz power supply.

    Video - ATO Inflatable Air Blower Overview


    Air Blower for Inflatable ApplicationsTips: Proper Use of Air Blower

    Proper use of air blower will make the blower perform better, and extend its service life. The following are some tips when using the air blower.

    1. Except that the lubricating oil should be replaced after each repair, regular replacement of lubricating oil is required.

    2. Check the bearing seat of type E drive regularly (quarterly), clean and add lubricating oil to prevent the bearing from burning out.

    3. Check the sensitivity of the thermometer and the oil mark regularly, and control the oil level of the bearing box within the allowed range.

    4. If it is found that the flow is too large and does not meet the use requirements, or a small flow is needed in a short time, the throttle device can be used for adjustment.

    5. In the process of starting, stopping or running of the blower, if any abnormal phenomenon is found, it shall be checked immediately.

    6. For minor faults found in the inspection, the cause shall be timely identified and the elimination or treatment shall be tried. If minor faults cannot be eliminated or major faults are found, the inspection shall be carried out immediately.

    Existing reviews of 750W Inflatable Air Blower for Bounce House
    Fabulous 750W inflatable air blower
    This powerful 750W inflatable air blower operates so good. It can be used not only for children’s inflatable toys but also for large bounce houses. When I blew my inflatable house, the air blower efficiently produced strong airflow. I build the house as a way of entertainment for my relatives and friends, so it’s necessary to have a qualified air blower. I have testified that the airflow produced by this air blower can ensure the bounce house to carry adults’ weight.
    From: Rudra | Date: 12/07/2021
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