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    380W Inflatable Air Blower for Bounce House/Slide

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    380W inflatable air blower for small bounce houses/water slides/inflatable arches, speed 2800 RPM, air flow 19m3/min (670 CFM), power supply 220-240V 50Hz or 110-120V 60Hz, with durable plastic housing, easy to carry with a handle, low noise and high efficiency, compact design and light weight, high reliability and low price.
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    • Air blower uses strong and efficient 380 watts motor, running quietly and smoothly.
    • Portable blower with a handle, convenient to carry.
    • High quality PE engineering plastic housing, reliable and durable.
    • Air outlet is covered with a protective screen to effectively keep impurities out.
    • Cheap 380W air blower is suitable for small and medium bounce houses, water slides, inflatable arches, and other inflatables.


    Model ATO-J-2E/S-3E
    Power 380 Watt
    Voltage * 220-240V 50Hz or 110-120V 60Hz
    Speed 2800 rpm
    Pressure 1600 Pa
    Air Flow 650 m3/h (670 CFM)
    Power Cord Length 2m
    Material PE engineering plastic housing
    Waterproof Grade IPX4
    Certification CE, UL
    Dimension 440*280*445 mm
    Net Weight/ Gross Weight 8kg/ 15kg

    Note: * The inflatable air blower with 50Hz voltage is NOT suitable for use with 60Hz power supply.

    Video - ATO Inflatable Air Blower Overview


    Air Blower for Inflatable Applications

    Tips: Working Principle of Centrifugal Blower

    The working principle of the centrifugal blower is similar to that of the centrifugal ventilator/fan, except that the air compression process is usually carried out by several working impeller (or several stages) under the action of centrifugal force. The blower has a high-speed rotating rotor, and the blade on the rotor drives the air to move at a high speed. The centrifugal force makes the air flow along the involute to the outlet of the fan, and the high-speed airflow has a certain wind pressure. Fresh air from the center of the case into the supplement.

    Existing reviews of 380W Inflatable Air Blower for Bounce House/Slide
    Great blower for small bounce houses
    This 380W inflatable air blower is easy to operate and blew up our bounce house to a good pressure for the kids to jump around. Sturdy enough that it didn't get knocked over. Has a good plastic cover over the power button to prevent interference.
    From: Sapello | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Good air blower
    I've been using it for a while. There is no problem in the processing. The noise is lower than others, so our normal living environment will not be affected. Thanks to its durable material and compact structure, maintenance takes very little effort.
    From: Durant | Date: 12/07/2021
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    Cost-effective inflatable air blower
    I must say that this is the most cost-effective inflatable air blower I have ever seen. I’m impressed by it quality, which is made out of PE engineering plastic, light but durable. It possesses the advantage of less energy consumption, less land occupied and less noise. I’ll recommend it to my friends and colleagues.
    From: Garret | Date: 12/07/2021
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