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    600W Industrial Air Blower, Variable Speed, 110V/220V

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    600W variable speed industrial blower can work as both air blower and air vacuum with supply voltage 110V/220V AC. Max. air volume 180m3/h, 153m3/h, 140m3/h or 132m3/h, and correspondingly maximum vacuum 98mBar, 126mBar, 169mBar or 210mBar. Max. speed 14000 RPM, allowing adjustable speed by built-in potentiometer, external 1.5V-10V, 1.5V-5V, or 4-20mA to control the air volume. Compact size and light weight, easy to install and maintain, stable performance yet competitive price.
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    Small and light 600W variable speed blower is designed for air suction and blow with large and steady air volume which can be adjustable by built-in potentiometer, 1.5V-10V, 1.5V-5V, or 4-20mA speed control. It is widely applied for ventilation, dust extraction or cooling of medical equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning, lithium battery equipment, printing and other industrial application fields.


    Model ATO-WB1-600 ATO-WB2-600 ATO-WB3-600 ATO-WB4-600
    Input Voltage * AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
    Rated Current 3A
    Max. Power 600 Watt
    Max. Vacuum 98mBar/ 9.8kPa 126mBar/ 12.6kPa 169mBar/ 16.9kPa 210mBar/ 21kPa
    Max. Pressure 116mBar/ 11.6kPa 139mBar/ 13.9kPa 190mBar/ 19kPa 235mBar/ 23.5kPa
    Max. Air Volume 180m3/h (105 CFM) 153m3/h (90 CFM) 140m3/h (82 CFM) 132m3/h (77 CFM)
    Max. Speed 14000r/min
    Speed Control * Built-in potentiometer control, 1.5V-10V voltage control, 1.5V-5V voltage control, 4-20mA current control
    Inlet & Outlet Diameter 44.5mm
    Weight 2.3kg 2.5kg 3.0kg 3.5kg

    DIP Switch Setting

    Air blower DIP switch setting

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    •  ATO-WB1-600600W air blower 105 CFM dimensions
    • ATO-WB2-600Air blower 90 CFM dimensions
    • ATO-WB3-600Air blower 82 CFM dimensions
    • ATO-WB4-600Air blower 77 CFM dimensions

    Air Vacuum/ Volume Curve Graph

    Air blower 105 and 90 CFM airflow curve graph

    Air blower 82 CFM 77 CFM airflow curve graph

    Tips: Pressure-Flow Characteristic Curve of the Air Blower

    Theoretically speaking, the pressure-flow characteristic curve of the air blower is a straight line. However, due to the loss of friction and resistance inside the blower, the actual pressure and flow characteristic curve decline gently with the increase of flow rate, and the corresponding power-flow curve of the blower increases with the increase of flow rate.

    When the blower runs at a constant speed, the working point of the blower will move along the pressure-flow characteristic curve. The operating point of the blower depends not only on its own performance, but also on the characteristics of the whole system. When the resistance of the pipe network increases, the pipe performance curve will become steeper. The basic principle of blower regulation is to obtain the desired operating conditions by changing the performance curve of the blower itself or the characteristic curve of the external pipe network.

    Existing reviews of 600W Industrial Air Blower, Variable Speed, 110V/220V
    Worth every penny!
    I was sick and tired of buying air blower but this one is  very suitable for me. Well let me tell you, this air blower is very powerful. It has 4 settings and even the lowest is very powerful.  Best money I've spent in a while; I highly recommend!
    From: Pierre | Date: 24/03/2022
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