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    200 MHz Digital Oscilloscope, 2 Channels, 2 GSa/s

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    This compact lightweight digital oscilloscope is a high quality dual-channel, 200 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope. It provides 2 GSa/s real-time sample rate and the waveform acquisition rate up to 52,000 waveforms per second, which ensures a more rapid capturing of instantaneous or abnormal signals for accelerating signal analysis and fault tracing.
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    200 MHz Digital Oscilloscope Features

    • 200 MHz bandwidth, 2 channels
    • Maximum sample rate 2GSa/s
    • Vertical scale 500μV/div to 10V/div
    • Memory depth up to 14Mpts (56Mpts optional)
    • Up to 50,000wfms/s waveform capture rate
    • 8" WVGA (800x480) TFT LCD display, 256 intensity grading levels
    • Various waveform math functions

    Models and Key Specifications

    Brand Name RIGOL
    Model DS2202A MSO2202A
    Number of Analog Channels 2
    Number of Digital Channels (For MSO Series) 16
    Bandwidth 200 MHz
    Max. Real-time Sample Rate Analog channel up to 2 GSa/s
    Digital channel up to 1 GSa/s (MSO Series)
    Max. Memory Depth Analog channel up to 14 Mpts (standard)/ 56 Mpts (optional)
    Digital channel up to up to 14 Mpts (standard)/ 28 Mpts (optional)
    Max. Waveform Capture Rate up to 52,000 wfms/s
    Real-time, Hardware Waveform Recording, Playback, and Analysis Functions Analog channel up to 65,000 frames
    Digital channel up to 32,000 frames (MSO Series)
    Multi-level Intensity Grading Display up to 256 levels
    Standard probes 2 sets PVP2350 350 MHz BW Passive Probe
    1 sets RPL2316 LA Probe (MSO series only)
    Dimension Width x Height x Depth = 362 mm x 180 mm x 131 mm
    Weight 6 Kg (Package Included)
    Packing Included 1 x Digital Oscilloscope; 2 x Probes; 1 x USB Cable; 1 x Power Cord; 1 x Quick Guide

    DS/MSO2000A Series Rigol Digital Oscilloscope Specs PDF

    Digital Oscilloscope Detail
    DS2000 digital oscilloscope detailTips: How to choose the channel of oscilloscope?
    Channel capacity, including the number of channels and the ability of the channel to suspend the ability to separate the channel.
    The number of channels you need depends on your application, and a dual channel oscilloscope is required for the usual economic troubleshooting applications. However, a 4-channel oscilloscope is required to observe the interrelationship of several analog signals. A lot of work in analog and digital two kinds of signal systems engineers can choose mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO), it will be logic analyzer channel count and triggered abilities associated with the comprehensive to have higher resolution time of oscilloscope display in a single instrument. If you measure three-phase electricity, silicon controlled rectifier active device or circuit, there is no absolute zero point between two ends, known as the floating signal, this time from the operating safety and precision, should choose the isolation channel oscilloscope. If the time sequence and phase shift of multi-channel are compared, two channels and above oscilloscope should be selected, and the isolation between channels is more important.



    Existing reviews of 200 MHz Digital Oscilloscope, 2 Channels, 2 GSa/s
    Excellent 200 MHz digital oscilloscope
    I bought this 200 MHz digital oscilloscope as a space saving way to have a scope on a small bench to work on old 8 bit computers. It is ideally suited to this and the compact size make it much more convenient than some of my other scopes.
    From: Diggy | Date: 25/07/2022
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