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    2000 Nm Pneumatic Screw Driver, 3/4", 5000 rpm

    Buy a 3/4 inch pistol grip air screwdriver online, max torque 2000 Nm, 5 different gears adjustable, no-load speed 5000 rpm, R reverse loosening, F forward locking. The air screwdriver is the ideal tool for automotive repair, production assembly line, handling, and disassembly.
    SKU: ATO-PSD-650
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    High-torque pneumatic air inlet size 3/4", maximum torque 2000 Nm, no-load speed 5000 rpm, precision design greatly improves work efficiency. Pneumatic screwdriver is commonly used in machinery manufacturing, automotive repair, mechanical and electrical assembly screw tightening and copy disassembly work.


    Model ATO-PSD-ASL-650
    Air Inlet 3/4"
    Square Head Size 3/4"
    No-Load Speed 5000rpm
    Inlet Pressure 6-8 kg/cm2
    Max Torque 2000 Nm
    Maximum Sleeve 33mm
    Net Weight 7.2kg



    • The pneumatic pistol Grip screwdriver sinuously for 24 hours, and adapt to high-intensity operations.
    • Pneumatic screwdriver with strong output power, efficient disassembly, and installation.
    • Precision design, and fast speed, greatly improve efficiency.
    • Forward and reverse switch, 5 different gears adjustment, according to different working environments to adjust the required torque value, improve work efficiency.
    • R reverse screwing, F forward locking.


    Dimension Unit (mm)

    5000 rpm air impact screwdriver dimension



    Pneumatic air screwdriver applications

    Tips: What is the difference between pneumatic ratchet wrenches and pneumatic screwdrivers?

    A pneumatic ratchet wrench is a manual screw loosening tool with single and double-head multi-specification movable handle ratchet Plummer wrench (for fixed hole). Pneumatic ratchet wrenches are connected by master and slave Plummer sets of different sizes by means of articulated keys with negative and positive key bites. Since one Plummer sleeve has two sizes of Plummer-shaped through-holes, it makes it possible to use it for loosening and tightening of two sizes of screws, thus expanding the scope of use and saving raw materials and man-hour costs. The movable wrench handle makes it easy to adjust the angle of wrench use. This kind of wrench is used for loosening and tightening screws, which has the characteristics of high applicability, ease to use, and low cost.

    Pneumatic screwdrivers are pneumatic tools used to tighten and loosen screws and nuts. Pneumatic screwdriver metal casing anti-static performance is better. Usually semi-automatic design for the hand-press type and an internal hammer for screw locking. After reaching the set torque can be fully automatic brake and stop the operation of the pneumatic screwdriver is called a fully automatic pneumatic screwdriver. Usually used in small screws and locking torque requirements more stringent occasions such as: electronic appliances, home appliances, etc.. Directly aligned with the workpiece can be started by pressing down. A pneumatic screwdriver is a relatively delicate tool, to hold lightly, does not collide or fall to the ground.

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