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    200W Constant Current LED Driver, LED Power Supply

    The provided LED transformer comes with output voltage 28~56V, input voltage 100~277V AC, output current 3.0A-5.6A, waterproof, no flicker, high efficiency, and super compatibility. Factory price 200W constant current LED driver is ideal for indoor farming or plant grow lighting.
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    Adjustable constant current LED driver provides overload, overvoltage, overtemperature and short circuit protection for high power LEDs used in grow lights. Waterproof 200 watt LED power supply contributes to healthy plant growth and a controlled lighting environment.


    • Model: ATO-TBW-LFA-200
    • Input Voltage: 100~277V AC
    • Output Power: 200W
    • Output Voltage: 28V~56V
    • Output Current: 3.0A~5.6A
    • Mode: Constant Current
    • Power Factor: 0.95
    • Size: 220mmx67mmx40mm
    • Weight: 970g
    • Efficiency: 91.5%
    • Application: LED Lighting(Especially for Plant Grow Lights)
    • Waterproof Grade: IP65/IP67
    • Protection: Over-Heat, Over-Load, Short-Circuit & Open-Circuit
    • Work Temperature: -40℃~60℃

    Dimming Methods

    • (Default) Knob Dimming + (RJ11 Network Port)
    • 3-in-1 Dimming (0-10V/PWM/Resistor)
    • 3-in-1 Dimming + 12V/300mA Auxiliary Source

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    200w led driver dimension


    Constant current LED drivers are commonly used in various scenarios such as commercial and residential lighting installations, architectural lighting designs, outdoor and landscape lighting, signage and display boards, automotive lighting systems, horticultural lighting for indoor farming or plant growth, and LED strip lighting. The constant current output ensures consistent brightness, uniform illumination, and proper functioning of the LEDs, enabling energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting solutions in diverse applications.

    led driver applications

    Tips: Why do LED lights need a driver?

    • Voltage and Current Regulation: LED lights operate on low-voltage DC (direct current) power, typically around 12V or 24V, while the standard power supply is usually AC (alternating current) with higher voltage. LED drivers convert the higher voltage AC power to the appropriate low-voltage DC power required by LEDs. The driver regulates the voltage and current levels to ensure that the LEDs receive the specific electrical parameters they need for optimal performance.
    • Protection against Voltage Fluctuations: LED drivers protect LEDs from voltage fluctuations in the power supply. LEDs are sensitive to voltage changes, and unstable voltage can lead to inconsistent light output, flickering, or even damage to the LEDs. LED drivers stabilize the voltage and provide a consistent power source, mitigating the effects of voltage fluctuations.
    • Current Limitation and Control: LED drivers provide current regulation to limit the amount of current flowing through the LEDs. LEDs operate most efficiently and have a longer lifespan when operated within a specific current range. LED drivers ensure that the LEDs receive a constant current and prevent overloading, which can reduce the LED's lifespan and cause premature failure.
    • Compatibility with Dimming and Control Systems: Many LED drivers are designed to be compatible with dimming systems, allowing users to adjust the brightness levels of LED lights. LED drivers with dimming capabilities enable energy savings, customization of lighting levels, and integration with lighting control systems.
    • Efficiency and Energy Savings: LED drivers are designed to be highly efficient, converting the input power into the appropriate voltage and current levels required by the LEDs with minimal power loss. This helps maximize energy efficiency and reduces wasted energy, contributing to energy savings and lower operating costs.
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