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    3 kW Air Cooling BLDC Motor For Electric Vehicle

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    Online sales of BLDC motors designed for electric vehicles, rated power 3 kW, voltage selection 48V/60V/72V, brushless motors rated torque 10N.m, speed 3600 rpm, air cooling system easy to build, no additional equipment required.
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    Buy 3 kW brushless DC motors for electric vehicles online, air-cooled BLDC motors with 48V/60V/72V voltage ratings and 10 N.m torque ratings. The high-power BLDC motor has a higher torque to weight ratio and is paired with a brushless controller to make the vehicle lighter while still providing sufficient torque.


    • Model: ATO-HPM3000A
    • Voltage: 48V/60V/72V (Optional)
    • Rated Power: 3 kW
    • Peak Power: 6 kW
    • Rated Current: 75A/55A
    • Max Phase Current: 240A/220A
    • Protection Class: IP54
    • Efficiency: >90%
    • Rated Speed: 3600rpm
    • Rated Torque: 10 N.m
    • Peak Torque: 25 N.m
    • Poles:
    • Weight: 8 kg
    • Matched Controller: ATO-VEC200
    • Cooling System: Air cooling
    • Dimension: 18cm dia. 12.5cm height
    • Measurement: 25cm*25cm*26cm/CTN


    • 3 kW brushless dc motor has a compact design, water resistant, stainless steel shaft and self-cooling fan.
    • An air-cooled brushless motor is easy to build and requires no additional equipment.
    • If you want to build an electric motorcycle with plenty of air to provide cooling air, the cooling system will be your best choice.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    3 kW air cooling bldc motor for electric vehicle dimensions


    3000W Air Cooling BLDC Motor For Electric Vehicle Details


    3 kW brushless DC motors are suitable for cars, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, UTVs and yachts.

    Brushless motor for eletrical car-application

    Tips: What type of brushless DC motor can be used in electric vehicles?

    Brushless motors are often used in electric vehicle species because brushless motors do not have a commutator and brush arrangement, the commutation of such motors is done electronically, so brushless DC motors are maintenance-free. Brushless DC motors have traction characteristics such as high starting torque and high efficiency of about 95-98%.

    Existing reviews of 3 kW Air Cooling BLDC Motor For Electric Vehicle
    desirable output, nice cooling system
    Before purchasing the 3 kW Air Cooling BLDC Motor, I've done extensive research. Motors from other shops are just not as light as ATO's. Now that I've successfully integrated it into my electric vehicle, I can share my initial impressions. Overall, I'm quite pleased. The power output feels robust, providing a solid driving experience. Additionally, the cooling system appears to be functioning effectively, which is crucial for maintaining optimal performance. I'm eager to continue testing it on the road to further assess its capabilities.
    From: Alex | Date: 11/06/2024
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