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    3 Phase Current Transformer, 100/5A, 200/5A, 250/5A

    High-performance 3-phase current transformers with current ratios of 100/5A, 200/5A, 250/5A, accuracy to class 0.5 and a powerful 50 W. Suitable for 3-phase current measurement, ensuring reliable and accurate current monitoring.
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    The 3-phase current transformer is a device used to measure the current in the power system. Its current ratios are 100/5A, 200/5A and 250/5A, accuracy is 0.5 grade, and power is 50 W. With beautiful appearance and easy wiring, it is made of flame-retardant PC/ABS alloy shell material, and the current transformer serves as the key AC current signal acquisition element to ensure reliable and safe provision of accurate current measurement.


    • Beautiful Appearance: The 3-phase current transformer adopts exquisite shape design, and the shell material is flame-retardant PC/ABS alloy, which ensures a fashionable and beautiful appearance.
    • Convenient Wiring: The design takes into account the user's convenience and realizes easy wiring to improve the installation efficiency.
    • High-quality Material: Flame retardant PC/ABS alloy is chosen for the housing material, which has good fireproof performance and ensures the safety and reliability of the current transformer meter in the process of use.
    • Accurate Signal Acquisition: As an AC current signal acquisition element, the current transformer adopts advanced technology to ensure the accurate acquisition and transmission of current signals.
    • Multi-phase Application: Suitable for 3-phase current measurement, with a wide range of applications, to meet the needs of current monitoring in different scenarios.


    Model ATO-AKH-Z301
    Cable Aperture 35mm
    Phase 3 phase
    Rated Current Ratio 100/5A 200/5A 250/5A
    Accuracy Class 0.5 0.5 0.5
    Rated Load / 1.5VA 3.75VA
    Threading Turns 1
    Power 50KW
    Rated Working Voltage AC0.66kV (equivalent AC0.69kV, GB156-2003)
    Rated Frequency 50~60Hz
    Ambient Temperature -30℃~70℃
    Altitude ≤3000m
    Frequency Voltage 3000V/1min 50Hz
    Installation Base plate screw fixing
    Shell Material Flame retardant PC/ABS alloy

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    3 phase current transformer sizes 100/5A to 1250/5A


    3 phase current transformers application

    Tips: 3 Phase Current Transformer Application Areas

    Power System Monitoring and Protection: In power systems, 3-phase current transformers are used to measure and monitor current to ensure proper system operation. Current voltage transformers are also a key component of protection equipment, and can be used to detect abnormal conditions such as overloads and short circuits, and trigger protective devices to prevent equipment damage.

    Power Metering: 3-phase current transformers can be used in power metering systems to accurately measure current for calculating energy usage, which is an important tool for power utilities and industrial users to manage power consumption and for billing purposes.

    Industrial Automation: In industrial control systems, 3-phase current transformers are commonly used to monitor the current of motors, frequency inverters and other electrical equipment for precise control of production processes.

    Building Electrical Systems: In the construction field, current transformers are used to monitor and manage the power distribution system within a building to ensure that the power load is balanced and to improve the efficiency of power utilization.

    Renewable Energy Systems: In solar and wind power generation systems, 3-phase current transformers are used to monitor and control the current output of power generation units to ensure stable operation of the system.

    Electric Vehicle Charging Piles: In electric vehicle charging piles, current transformers are used to measure the charging current to ensure safe and efficient charging of electric vehicles.

    Overall, 3-phase current transformers play a key role in power and energy management, providing reliable current measurement and monitoring solutions for a variety of application scenarios.

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