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    3 Phase Current Transformer, 450/5A, 800/5A, 1250/5A

    Precision measurement 3 phase current transformer with 0.5 accuracy for many scenarios. Current ratios are optional, including 450/5A, 800/5A, 1250/5A to meet different needs. Easy to install with 35mm aperture.The housing is made of flame retardant PC/ABS alloy to ensure the product is safe and reliable in high temperature environments, ideal for current monitoring.
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    3-phase current transformer, accuracy 0.5 grade, optional current ratio 450/5A, 800/5A, 1250/5A, aperture 35mm.This ct transformer has a compact design, in line with modern aesthetic standards, and the housing is made of flame retardant PC/ABS alloy to ensure safety and easy installation. Widely used in current measurement and monitoring in power systems, high reliability and stable performance.


    • Beautiful Appearance: The 3-phase current transformer adopts exquisite shape design, and the shell material is flame-retardant PC/ABS alloy, which ensures a fashionable and beautiful appearance.
    • Convenient Wiring: The design takes into account the user's convenience and realizes easy wiring to improve the installation efficiency.
    • High-quality Material: Flame retardant PC/ABS alloy is chosen for the housing material, which has good fireproof performance and ensures the safety and reliability of the current transformer meter in the process of use.
    • Accurate Signal Acquisition: As an AC current signal acquisition element, the current transformer adopts advanced technology to ensure the accurate acquisition and transmission of current signals.
    • Multi-phase Application: Suitable for 3-phase current measurement, with a wide range of applications, to meet the needs of current monitoring in different scenarios.


    Model ATO-AKH-Z302
    Cable Aperture 35mm
    Phase 3 phase
    Rated Current Ratio 450/5A 800/5A 1250/5A
    Accuracy Class 0.5 0.5 0.2
    Rated Load 5VA 10VA 10VA
    Threading Turns 1
    Power 50KW
    Rated Working Voltage AC0.66kV (equivalent AC0.69kV, GB156-2003)
    Rated Frequency 50~60Hz
    Ambient Temperature -30℃~70℃
    Altitude ≤3000m
    Frequency Voltage 3000V/1min 50Hz
    Installation Base plate screw fixing
    Shell Material Flame retardant PC/ABS alloy

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    3 phase current transformer sizes 100/5A to 1250/5A


    3 phase current transformers application

    Tips: 3 Phase Current Transformer Troubleshooting

    3-phase current transformer meter troubleshooting requires systematic steps and careful inspection. First, check the appearance of the current voltage transformer to ensure that the housing is intact and the wiring is secure.

    Next, check the power supply to ensure that the supply voltage is normal. Next, check the connecting wiring to ensure that the wiring is connected correctly and that there are no shorts or breaks.

    Also, check the internal components of the current transformer, including the sensors and circuit boards, for burns, corrosion, or other physical damage. If the above steps fail to resolve the problem, you can diagnose the fault by measuring the output signal of the current voltage transformer.

    Use a suitable test instrument to measure the current signal output from the current transformer to ensure that the output value is within the normal range. If the output is abnormal, the sensor may be damaged or the circuit may be faulty. In this case, the damaged component needs to be replaced or the circuit repaired.

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