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    30 hp (22 kW) DC Reactor for VFD

    DC choke for vfd, cheap price, 30 hp (22 kW) dc reactor, single phase, 60 amp rated current, dc output voltage can be customized.
    SKU: ATO-DCR-30
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    30 hp dc reactor for sale, 22 kW, 1 phase, dc reactor for inverter, the role of the reactor is to increase the power factor and reduce the instantaneous impact.


    Model ATO-DCL-60
    Phase 1 Phase
    Power Adapter 22 kW (30 hp)
    VFD Voltage Adapter 220V-1200V (Contact us for other voltages)
    Rated Current 60A
    Pressure Drop 1.06
    Insulation Grade F.H
    Dimension 140*110*170mm (L*W*H)
    Mounting Dimension 70*65mm
    Electric Strength Iron core-winding 3000VAC/50Hz/10mA/60s no arcing no breakdown
    Insulation Resistance iron core-winding 1000VDC, Insulation resistance
    Noise of Reactor Less than 35dB (measured from 1 meter away in horizon from reactor)
    Degree of Protection IP00
    Degree of Insulation > Class F
    Weight 10kg

    1. Improve the input current wave caused by capacitor harmonics.
    2. Reduce and prevent rectifier bridge damage and capacitors.
    3. Overheating due to a surge in current.
    4. Improve the power factor and reduce the AC pulse of the DC bus.
    5. Limit transient changes in system voltage.

    Dimension (unit: mm)
    DC reactor dimension
    Tips: Smooth wave reactor function

    The smooth wave reactor is an important component in the rectifier circuit. The main role in the intermediate frequency power supply is
    1. Limit the short-circuit current. (When the inverter thyristor is commutated at the same time, it is equivalent to a direct short-circuit of the rectifier bridge load.) Short-circuit without a reactor.
    2. Suppress the impact of intermediate frequency components on the power frequency grid.
    3. The filtering effect (the rectified current has an AC component; the high-frequency alternating current does not pass through a large inductor) makes the rectified output waveform continuous. If it is not continuous, there will be a time when the current is zero. At this time, the inverter bridge stops working, causing rectification. Open bridge phenomenon.
    4. The input power of the parallel inverter circuit has a reactive component throughput. The input circuit of the inverter bridge must have an element reactor for energy storage.

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