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    30000 lbs Hydraulic Winch

    Industrial 30000 lbs (15 ton) hydraulic winch comes with 34mm diameter rope, planetary reduction ratio 1:24, rope speed 0~20 m/min. Economical price heavy duty hydraulic winch is a tool for lifting or pulling tractor, skid steer, rollback, truck and excavator using hydraulic power.
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    Hydraulic winch is a device that uses hydraulic power to reel in or let out a cable or rope. It is commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as towing, construction, and off-road vehicles. The hydraulic system provides the necessary force and control for efficient pulling and lifting operations.


    Model ATO-HW150-150
    The 1st Layer Pull 30000 lbs (15 ton)
    Rope Speed 0~20 m/min
    Working Pressure Differential 18 Mpa
    Oil Flow Supply 240 L/min
    Rope Diameter 34mm
    Hydraulic Motor BMR-700
    Planetary Reduction Ratio 1:24
    Layer Wire Rope Capacity
    1 27m
    2 57m
    3 90m
    4 130m

    Note*: Never exceed working load limit.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    30000 lbs (15 ton) Hydraulic Winch Dimensions

    Tips: Hydraulic winch for skid steer

    A hydraulic winch is a valuable attachment designed for skid steers, offering enhanced versatility and functionality to these compact construction machines. Skid steers are primarily equipped with hydraulic systems, making them well-suited for operating hydraulic winches. 

    The hydraulic winch utilizes the skid steer's existing hydraulic power to provide powerful and controlled pulling capabilities. It consists of a winch drum, hydraulic motor, and a robust cable or wire rope. The winch drum winds or unwinds the cable, while the hydraulic motor generates the necessary power to drive the winching action.

    Skid steers equipped with hydraulic winches find applications in various industries, such as construction, forestry, and agriculture. They are particularly useful for tasks that require heavy lifting, dragging, or pulling operations. With their compact size and maneuverability, skid steers can access tight spaces where larger equipment may not be suitable.

    The hydraulic winch offers precise control over the winching process, allowing operators to adjust the speed and direction as needed. This feature ensures safe and efficient operation while minimizing the risk of damage or accidents. Additionally, the winch's robust construction enables it to withstand demanding conditions and perform reliably in rugged environments.

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