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    30dB 10W RF Fixed Attenuator, 50 Ohm

    Favorable price fixed RF attenuator is an electronic device used to reduce the power of a microwave signal in coaxial configurations commonly employed in high-power applications, frequency range from DC to 6GHz/18GHz, attenuation value 30dB, working power 10W at 25℃. Designed as a passive component, 50 Ohm radio frequency attenuator operates in line within a circuit, efficiently managing signal strength without actively amplifying or generating frequencies.
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    30dB 10 watt coaxial attenuators utilize microstrip technology to maintain signal integrity while minimizing losses across a specified frequency range, crucial for precision devices like GPS systems. These fixed attenuators serve as indispensable tools in RF communication, ensuring signal compatibility and preventing overload damage in sensitive electronic systems while maintaining seamless functionality within complex microwave networks.


    • Model: ATO-SMAJKS-06/18-10W-30dB
    • Frequency Range (Optional): DC~6GHz/ DC~18GHz
    • Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR): 1.2 (Max)/ 1.35 (Max)
    • Attenuation Value: 30dB
    • Attenuation Accuracy: ±0.8dB/ ±1.0dB
    • Impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Power: 10W
    • Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 1000V
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥5000MΩ
    • A connector Type: SMA-Male
    • B connector type: SMA-Female
    • Working Temperature: -55℃~+100℃
    • Inner Conductor Material: Beryllium Bronze with Gold Plating
    • Outer Conductor Material: Stainless Steel Passivated
    • Insulator: PTFE
    • Service Life: ≥500

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    1dB~30dB 10W RF fixed attenuator dimension

    Tips: What is the typical frequency range of RF attenuators?

    RF attenuators are devices designed to reduce the power level of radio frequency (RF) signals. Their typical frequency range varies based on the specific attenuator model and its intended application. However, common RF attenuators cover a broad spectrum, often ranging from a few megahertz (MHz) to several gigahertz (GHz). Some attenuators are optimized for lower frequencies commonly found in radio and television broadcasting, spanning the kHz to MHz range. Others are tailored for higher frequencies used in wireless communication and microwave applications, extending into the GHz range. The selection of an attenuator depends on the targeted frequency band, and specialized attenuators may be designed for extremely high-frequency ranges encountered in advanced communication systems or scientific applications.

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