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    Brushed DC Motor with Gearbox, 3200rpm, 12V/24V, 62mm

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    Brushed DC motor with 62mm diameter gearbox at low price, 66W/68W, can select 1/3.7 to 1/139 gear ratio, 12V or 24V, 3200rpm rated speed, 4000rpm no load speed, peak torque 254.9mN•m.
    SKU: ATO-BDM-3200R62
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    Buy 12V/24V brushed DC motor online. It comes with 62mm diameter gearbox, which has wide industrial applications, such as food processing machine, sealing equipment, textile machine, etc.


    • Brushed DC motor with gearbox has compact structure and strong overload capacity.
    • The gear ratio is finely graded, which provides you wide selections for different applications.
    • Brushed DC gear motor is low energy consumption, low vibration and low noise and the efficiency of the gearbox is up to 96%.
    • It adopts a new type of sealing device, which can work continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity.


    Model ATO-62RP-ZY5298R8
    Working Temperature (Motor & Gearbox) -30 ~ 150°C
    DC Motor Technical Parameter Rated Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
    No Load Speed 4000rpm 4000rpm
    Current 0.95A 0.50A
    At Max Efficiency Speed 3200rpm 3200rpm
    Current 6.8A 3.400A
    Torque 245.1mN·m 254.9mN·m
    2500g·cm 2600g·cm
    Power 66W 68W
    Stall Torque 882.4mN·m 931.4mN·m
    9000g·cm 9500g·cm
    Current 23.7A 12.0A
    Gearbox Technical Parameter Gear Ratio 1/3.7 1/5.2 1/13.7 1/19.2 1/27 1/51 1/71 1/100 1/139 1/3.7 1/5.2 1/13.7 1/19.2 1/27 1/51 1/71 1/100 1/139
    Gearbox Diameter (mm) 62 62
    Gearbox Length (mm) 37.8 51 64.4 37.8 51 64.4
    Rated Torque (kg·cm) 8.3 11.7 27.4 38.4 54.0 89.3 124.3 175.0 243.3 8.7 12.2 28.5 39.9 56.2 92.8 129.2 182.0 253.0
    Rated Speed (rpm) 865 615.4 233.6 16637 118.5 62.7 45.1 32.0 23.0 865 515.4 233.6 166.7 118.5 62.7 45.1 32.0 23.0
    Stall Torque (kg·cm) 37.5 52.7 123.3 172.8 243.0 401.6 559.1 787.5 800.0 39.0 54.8 128.2 179.7 252.7 417.7 581.5 800.0 800.0


    Units: mm

    Dimensions of Brushed DC Motor with Gearbox 3200rpm 12V/24V 62mm


    62mm Brushed DC Motor with Gearbox Details

    Tips: What is the brushed DC motor?

    Brushed DC gear motor is a built-in brush device. The fixed main pole and brush are installed on the stator of the BDC motor, and the armature winding and commutator are installed on the rotor. The electric energy from the DC power supply enters the armature winding through the brush and commutator, generating armature current. The magnetic field generated by the armature current interacts with the main magnetic field to generate electromagnetic torque, which makes the motor rotate and drive the load. BDC motor is the basis of all motors, it has the characteristics of fast start, timely braking, relatively simple control circuit and so on.

    Existing reviews of Brushed DC Motor with Gearbox, 3200rpm, 12V/24V, 62mm
    Smooth and quiet.
    This brushed DC motor is a smooth and quiet motor with plenty of torque. I bought 2 of these for different applications. Very satisfied with these BDC motors. Very happy with this purchase.
    From: Jasper | Date: 28/07/2022
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    Will highly recommend.
    These brushed DC motors are just what I needed to fix my equipment that I bought lasted about 6 months. Perfect fit. I like these motors and will highly recommend.
    From: Stallings | Date: 15/03/2022
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    Nice motor!
    Just received this brushed DC motor, it works exactly as I'd hoped. I appreciate the compact size and low price. It was constructed with high quality materials. Very useful and easy to connect. Overall very pleased with the purchase.
    From: Baines | Date: 22/09/2021
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