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    Brushed DC Motor with Gearbox, 2800rpm 12V/24V, 70mm

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    Low cost brushed DC motor with 70mm diameter gearbox, 120W, 12V or 24V, 2800rpm rated speed, 3600rpm no load speed, peak torque 352.94mN•m, can select 1/3.7 to 1/139 gear ratio.
    SKU: ATO-BDM-2800R70
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    Low price BDC motor for sale online, 12V or 24V DC, comes with 70mm diameter gearbox. It has wide industrial applications, such as food processing machine, sealing equipment, textile machine, etc.


    • BDC motor with gearbox has compact structure and strong overload capacity.
    • The gear ratio is finely graded, which provides you wide selections for different applications.
    • BDC gear motor is low energy consumption, low vibration and low noise. The efficiency of the gearbox is up to 96%.
    • It adopts a new type of sealing device, which can work continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity.


    Model ATO-70RQ-ZY70102R8
    Working Temperature (Motor & Gearbox) -30 ~ 150°C
    DC Motor Technical Parameter Rated Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
    No Load Speed 3600rpm 3600rpm
    Current 1.20A 0.75A
    At Max Efficiency Speed 2800rpm 2800rpm
    Current 11.7A 5.4A
    Torque 348.04mN·m 352.94mN·m
    3550g·cm 3600g·cm
    Power 117W 120W
    Stall Torque 1254.9mN·m 1274.5mN·m
    12800g·cm 13000g·cm
    Current 36.3A 18.5A
    Gearbox Technical Parameter Gear Ratio 1/3.7 1/5.2 1/13.7 1/19.2 1/27 1/51 1/71 1/100 1/139 1/3.7 1/5.2 1/13.7 1/19.2 1/27 1/51 1/71 1/100 1/139
    Gearbox Diameter (mm) 70 62
    Gearbox Length (mm) 37.8 51 64.4 37.8 51 64.4
    Rated Torque (kg·cm) 11.8 16.6 38.9 54.5 76.7 126.7 176.4 248.5 345.4 12.0 16.8 39.5 55.3 77.8 128.5 178.9 252.0 350.3
    Rated Speed (rpm) 757 538.5 204.4 145.8 103.7 54.9 39.4 28.0 20.1 757 538.5 204.4 145.8 103.7 54.9 39.4 28.0 20.1
    Stall Torque (kg·cm) 47.9 67.3 157.6 330.8 310.6 513.3 714.6 1000.0 1000.0 48.6 68.2 159.8 223.9 314.9 520.5 724.6 1000.0 1000.0



    Dimensions of Brushed DC Motor with Gearbox 2800rpm 12V/24V 70mm


    70mm Brushed DC Motor with Gearbox Details

    Tips: Advantages of brushed DC motor

    • Because the brushed DC gear motor has a simple structure, it is easy to maintain and control. The DC motor also has a fast response, large starting torque, from zero speed to rated speed with the performance of providing rated torque.
    • DC brushed motor is almost no vibration from zero to the maximum speed, and can drive greater load when starting.
    • DC brushed motor runs steadily and has good starting and braking effect. It is regulated by voltage regulation, so the speed operation is stable.
    • DC brushed motor has high control precision. It is usually used together with gearbox and decoder, which makes the motor output power larger and the control precision higher. The control precision can reach 0.01 mm, which can make the moving parts stop at almost any desired place.
    • DC brush motor is low cost and easy maintenance. Due to the simple structure of DC brush motor produced by many manufacturers with mature technology, the application is relatively wide, such as factories, processing machine tools, precision instruments. If the motor failure, only need to replace the carbon brush, each one only costs very little.
    Existing reviews of Brushed DC Motor with Gearbox, 2800rpm 12V/24V, 70mm
    Seems good so far.
    I bought this brushed DC motor to replace a burned out motor. This BDC motor came packaged well and is nice and smooth. Works great. I will buy more if I need.
    From: Tambor | Date: 28/07/2022
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    Would recommend.
    This 2800 rpm 12V BDC motor came as described. It works very well with lots of torque and great speed! Excellent product for the cost, would recommend.
    From: Danie | Date: 15/03/2022
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    Great product!
    I bought BDC motor because of its simple construction and low cost. This motor has a fast startup and runs pretty smoothly. This motor runs very quiet for the speed it runs at and has fantastic torque. Even when it comes to its maximum speed, there is no major vibration. It also well connects to the gearbox. I am very pleased with this purchase.
    From: Connie | Date: 19/07/2021
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