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    35L Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

    Autoclave 35L adopts microcomputer control, LED digital display, and pressure gauge reading indication, which realize clear observation. Rated operating temperature 134 °C, fast and efficient sterilization. The vertical autoclave with 3.5 kW and input power AC 220V is applied to many fields. Handwheel type covering method, the utility model is characterized by convenient and quick use.
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    Autoclave sterilization with 35L and frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz easy to operate. Its practicality has led to its application in many fields---in laboratories, medical facilities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical manufacturing for sterilizing instruments, glassware, and media.


    • The sterilizer shell and chamber are made of 304 stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, high temperature and easy to clean.
    • Operation panel multi-parameter display, pressure gauge reading indication, clear observation.
    • The steam autoclave sterilizer is equipped with microcomputer control and an LED digital display. It adopts PID function and self-tuning of heating parameters to enable rapid heating and precise temperature control.
    • For safety purposes, the autoclave machine is equipped with a safety interlock device and door control lock. The upper cover cannot be opened when there is pressure inside, and the program cannot run unless the upper cover is closed.
    • A self-expanding silicone rubber sealing ring is used, ensuring a good sealing effect and a long service time.
    • When the pressure in the container exceeds 0.24MPa, the safety valve automatically releases the pressure, which is safe and reliable
    • The vertical autoclave utilizes pulsation exhaust technology, which improves steam saturation within the container, resulting in better sterilization effectiveness.
    • To prevent any issues due to water shortage, the autoclave sterilization is equipped with an automatic protection function. If the water level is insufficient, heating is stopped and a sound and light alarm is triggered.
    • A high water level sound and light alarm is provided for the waste water tank, causing heating to stop if the water level is too high.
    • After sterilization is completed, there are two modes available: automatic deflation and natural cooling, and pressure reduction. Users can choose the appropriate mode.
    • The sterilizer includes a drying function, which helps to reduce surface moisture on sterilized items.


    Model DGL-35B
    Input Power AC 220V ± 22V
    Frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
    Power 3.5 kW
    Display Method LED Digital Tube/Pressure Gauge
    Capacity 35 ± 5L
    Covering Method Handwheel Type
    Rated Operating Temperature 134 °C
    Rated Working Pressure 0.22 MPa
    Sterilization Room Specification 350 x 400 mm
    Sterilization Chamber Thickness 2 mm
    Inner Cylinder Thickness 0.8 mm
    Heating Time RT-134°C Within 40 min
    Sterilization Time Selection Range 4-120 min
    Net Weight 58 kg
    Product Size ( L x W x H ) 480 × 480 × 1000 mm

    Note: Vertical sterilizer without plug


    35L vertical autoclave size


    35L vertical autoclave structure


    35L vertical autoclave application

    Tips: What safety features are included in the vertical autoclave?

    • Pressure and temperature sensors: These sensors are integrated into the steam autoclave sterilizer to monitor and control the pressure and temperature levels during the sterilization process. They ensure that the autoclave operates within safe parameters.
    • Safety interlock systems: These systems are designed to prevent the autoclave machine from being opened while it is under pressure or in operation. They ensure that the operator cannot accidentally open the autoclave, minimizing the risk of injuries and exposure to high temperatures and steam.
    • Overheat protection: This feature helps prevent overheating of the vertical autoclave by automatically shutting off the heating elements or activating cooling mechanisms when the temperature exceeds a safe limit. It safeguards the autoclave from potential damage and reduces the risk of accidents.
    • Automatic pressure release valves: These valves are crucial for maintaining safe pressure levels inside the pressure sterilizer. In the event of excess pressure buildup, the valves automatically release the pressure, preventing any potential explosions or damage to the autoclave and ensuring operator safety.
    • Door locking mechanisms: Vertical autoclaves are equipped with door locking mechanisms that prevent the door from being opened during operation or when pressure is present inside the chamber. This mechanism ensures that the autoclave remains securely sealed, preventing accidental exposure to high temperatures and steam.
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