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    8L Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

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    Steam autoclave sterilizer with 8L capacity and 2 kW power supply for sale online. Class B safety provides essential protection. The automatic pressure relief mechanism ensures safety. Steam sterilizer machine is convenient and efficient for sterilization. The scope of application of this autoclave machine covers many fields.
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    Automatic autoclave adopting digital display automatic control, thickening the bottom, can achieve all-around protection. High-pressure steam sterilization is safe and effective. The scope of application of this autoclave machine spread food or chemical industry, tattoo, clinic, scientific research, medical clinical, and other fields.


    • Class B safety autoclave sterilization provides essential protection against chemical hazards, ensuring the safety of individuals in laboratories and industrial settings.
    • Constructed with stainless steel material, the safety steam sterilizer machine offers durability, corrosion resistance, and a hygienic surface for various applications.
    • The design of the high-pressure sterilizer is resistant to internal pressure, preventing deformation and ensuring structural integrity even under challenging conditions.
    • This sterilizer includes an automatic pressure relief mechanism that engages when the designated pressure limit is reached. This feature ensures safety by preventing instances of excessive pressure.
    • The small autoclave is equipped with a seal that expands internally, creating a secure and tight closure, preventing leaks, and maintaining a controlled environment.
    • The versatile portable autoclave machine is suitable for a variety of fields and offers the advantage of being convenient and fast to use, meeting the demands of different industries efficiently.


    Model  LHS-8B
    Capacity  8L
    Liner size  240x135 mm
    Outer cylinder size  260x235 mm
    Rated operating temperature  126 °C
    Rated working pressure  0.142 MPa
    Maximum working pressure  0.165 MPa
    Capping mode  Quick-open type
    Sterilization time setting range  0-60 min
    Input power  220V 50 Hz
    Power  2 kW
    Net weight  9 kg
    Product size  260x450 mm
    Outer Barrel Container Material 304 stainless steel


    8L portable sterilizer size


    Portable sterilizer application

    Tips: What are the highlights of the steam autoclave sterilizer?

    • Mobility: The portable autoclave allows for easy transportation and can be used in various locations. This is especially beneficial for fieldwork, mobile medical units, or remote areas where access to sterilization equipment may be limited.
    • Versatility: Despite its smaller size, a portable autoclave retains the ability to sterilize a wide range of instruments, equipment, and materials. It can effectively sterilize medical tools, laboratory equipment, glassware, tattooing equipment, and more.
    • Efficiency: Portable autoclaves often feature rapid sterilization cycles, allowing for quick turnaround times. This is particularly advantageous in time-sensitive situations or when multiple sterilization cycles are required.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Portable autoclaves typically have lower upfront costs and maintenance expenses compared to larger, stationary autoclaves. Their smaller size translates into reduced energy consumption and water usage, leading to cost savings over time.
    Existing reviews of 8L Steam Autoclave Sterilizer
    High efficiency sterilization
    I really like this 8L steam autoclave. It is simple to operate and I am able to complete the sterilization process with ease. Whether it's medical equipment or lab tools, sterilization can be done quickly and efficiently. The capacity is large enough to handle a large number of items at once. Very satisfied!
    From: Luca | Date: 10/09/2023
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