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    18L Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

    18L digital display portable autoclave machine for sale, it has 0.142Mpa rated working pressure and 220V working voltage. 2kW autoclave sterilizer with 126℃ rated working temperature, frequency reach to 50Hz. The autoclave machine is a automatically operated machine with multiple safety protections and excellent sterilization capabilities.
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    The autoclave sterilizer machine is based on 304 thick stainless steel material and has a capacity of 18L. It operates on a voltage of 220V and a frequency of 50Hz. It can quickly heat up when used, making it safer, more reliable, and widely used.


    • Ability of high temperature and high pressure: High pressure steam autoclave sterilizer can provide high temperature and high pressure steam , which can kill microorganisms in the air to achieve completely disinfection and sterilization effect.
    • 304 food-grade stainless steel material:Made of 304 food-grade stainless steel,portable autoclave machine has corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and food safety, and autoclave sterilizer is suitable for high-temperature sterilization in food-related fields.
    • Digital display:By equipped with digital display, autoclave sterilizer machine can intuitively display, adjust the parameters and status of the equipment, such as temperature, pressure, timing, etc., which is easy to operate and monitor.
    • Safe and reliable:Steam sterilizer machine has multiple safety protection measures, such as overheating protection, pressure release valve, etc., in order to ensure safe operation and prevent equipment damage.
    • Light and convenient: Autoclave sterilizer is a portable design, easy to carry and move, which is suitable for mobile places or temporary use of the environment.


    Product model LHS-18B
    Volume 18L
    Inner size Ф260×270mm
    Cylinder size Ф280×375mm
    Rated working temperature 126℃
    Rated working pressure 0.142Mpa
    Maximum working pressure 0.165Mpa
    Capping method snap-open type
    Sterilization time 0-60min
    Input power 220V 50Hz
    Power 2kW
    Net weight 12kg
    Product size Ф280×650mm
    Outer Barrel Container Material 304 stainless steel

    Note:LHS-18B needs to be connected to 16A socket.


     18L steam autoclave sterilizer


    Steam autoclave sterilizer is widely used in the fields of medical, food and chemical, biological research and environmental engineering. Autoclave pressure for sterilization can not only achieve effective sterilization of medical devices, food processing equipment, experimental apparatus, water treatment equipment, thus ensuring a high level of hygiene and aseptic environment, but also by providing high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization conditions, steam autoclave machine is able to kill bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms, reduce the risk of cross-pollution and infection, and protect people's health and the safety of the environment.

    18L steam autoclave sterilizer application

    Tips: How to clean the steam autoclave sterilizer?

    • Power down and cool down: Before beginning cleaning, make sure the equipment is disconnected and wait for the autoclave to cool completely.
    • Clean inside and outside: Using a soft damp cloth or sponge dampened with a mild detergent, gently wipes down the exterior surfaces of the autoclave, including the lid, control panel and body, and clears the steam chamber of debris and residue. Also be careful to avoid using strong acidic or abrasive cleaners that may damage the stainless steel surfaces.
    • Clean the filter: If the unit is equipped with a strainer, remove the strainer according to the instructions in the manual and rinse it out with clean water. Ensure that the strainer is completely dry and return it to its original position.
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