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    75L Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

    75L vertical autoclave machine for sale online, it has 0.22Mpa rated working pressure and operates at a voltage of 220V. 4.5kW autoclave sterilizer with 304 stainless steel material , has a rated working temperature of 134℃, making it easy to clean. The autoclave machine has a long working life , with high temperature and corrosion resistant, safe and efficient.
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    220V vertical autoclave sterilizer machine with a capacity of 75L , has self-expanding sealing ring, excellent sealing effect. 4.5kW autoclave sterilizer is designed with LED digital display , and more accurate temperature control.


    • Manual control: Vertical steam sterilizer uses a handwheel control system for easy operation. The user can adjust the handwheel manually to control the steam pressure and temperature, as well as the processing time. This manual control makes operation more intuitive and reliable.
    • Multiple capacities and specifications: Vertical autoclave offers a wide selection of capacities and specifications to meet the needs of different users. Depending on the need, the appropriate size can be selected to accommodate different sizes and quantities of items to be sterilized.
    • Safe and reliable: Vertical autoclave high pressure steam sterilizer is usually equipped with multiple safety protection devices, such as safety valves, pressure sensors and temperature sensors, to ensure the safety of the operation process. When the set pressure and temperature limits are reached, the protection mechanism is automatically activated to prevent accidents such as overheating or explosion.
    • Strong durability: This type of equipment is usually made of high-quality stainless steel material with good corrosion resistance and durability. Its structure is sturdy and reliable, able to withstand long periods of high temperature and high pressure use, reducing the frequency of equipment maintenance and replacement.


    Model DGL-75B
    Input voltage  AC220V ± 22V
    Frequency 50Hz ± 1Hz
    Power 4.5kW
    Display method LED digital tube/pressure gauge
    Volume 75 ± 5L
    Capping method Handwheels
    Rated working  temperature 134℃
    Rated working pressure 0.22Mpa
    Sterilization chamber specifications Ф400×625mm
    Sterilization chamber thickness 2mm
    Inner cylinder thickness 0.8mm
    Warming time RT-134℃ within 40min
    Sterilization time 4-120min
    Net weight 90kg
    Product size 525×525×1190mm

    Note : 220V vertical sterilizer, without plug, needs to be wired by yourself.


     75L steam autoclave sterilizer application


    Structure of vertical steam sterilizerTips: What is steam autoclave sterilizer operation precautions?

    • Read the instruction manual carefully: Before operation, be sure to read the instruction manual of the equipment carefully. Understand the functions, operating procedures and safety precautions of the equipment to ensure correct operation.
    • Ensure the condition: Before use, check that the equipment is in good condition and ensure that all parts and connections are working properly. If any damage or malfunction is found, stop using it and contact the supplier for repair or replacement.
    • Select the correct capacity and load: Select the appropriate capacity and load according to the size and quantity of the items being processed. Do not overload the equipment as this may affect the sterilization effect and the life of the equipment.
    • Prepare treated items: Ensure that treated items meet applicable sterilization specifications and preparation requirements. When cleaning and preparing items, follow proper cleaning procedures and make sure to remove dirt and residues that may affect sterilization results.
    • Place items correctly: Place items to be processed correctly in the sterilization chamber, avoiding stacking or blocking between items to ensure that steam has full access to each item surface.
    • Controlling pressure and temperature: Adjust the pressure and temperature of the equipment according to the needs of the items being treated. Use a handwheel or other control device and follow the instructions in the equipment manual to avoid exceeding safety limits.
    • Ensure adequate air venting: Ensure that the air inside the equipment is adequately vented before the sterilization process begins. Before starting sterilization, open the exhaust valve until all air is exhausted and vented as steam.
    • Ensure safe operation: During operation, follow the equipment's safe operating procedures. Do not force the lid open or terminate the sterilization process unless the operating requirements in the equipment manual are met. Avoid contact with hot surfaces and use heat protective gloves and other personal protective equipment.
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