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    50L Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

    50L steam autoclave sterilizer with high quality and good price for sale. Working power of 3.5 kW, input power range AC 220V ± 22V, input frequency range 50 Hz ± 1 Hz, and rated operating temperature 134 ℃, rated working pressure 0.22 MPa. The vertical autoclave is mainly used in scientific research units, food processing and agriculture fields.
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    The vertical handwheel type autoclave sterilizer has the characters of high efficiency, microcomputer automatic control, multiple safety guarantees, and convenient operation and movement.


    Model DGL-50B
    Input Power AC 220V ± 22V
    Frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
    Power 3.5 kW
    Display Method LED Digital Tube/Pressure Gauge
    Capacity 50 ± 5L
    Covering Method Hand Wheel
    Rated Operating Temperature 134 ℃
    Rated Working Pressure 0.22 Mpa
    Sterilization Chamber Specification 350 × 525 mm
    Sterilization Chamber Thickness 2 mm
    Inner Cylinder Thickness 0.8 mm
    Heating Time RT-134℃ Within 40 min
    Sterilization Time Selection Range 4-120 min
    Weight 80 kg
    Product Size(L×W×H) 480×480×1120 mm


    • The shell, cavity and basket of the vertical autoclave are made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean.
    • Equipped with a handwheel type sliding door structure, which enables the opening operation of the lid of the vertical steam autoclave sterilizer simple, safe and efficient.
    • The multi-parameter display on the operation panel and the design of the pressure gauge reading indication make the reading more comfortable.
    • With microcomputer control, LED digital display and PID functions, it can realize rapid temperature rise, precise temperature control and self-tuning of heating parameters, and intelligently control the operation status of the sterilization process.
    • The high-pressure sterilizer adopts self-expanding silicone rubber sealing ring and pulsating exhaust technology, which is not only practical but also can achieve better sterilization effect.
    • Two modes of automatic deflation or natural cooling and depressurization can be set according to requirements.
    • Equipped with safety interlocking device, door control lock and safety valve, as well as automatic water shortage protection function, which can effectively protect the safety of steam sterilizer and operators.

    Product structure:

     Structure of vertical steam sterilizer

    Packing list:

     Packing list of vertical autoclave

    Note: The vertical autoclave is not equipped with a plug and needs to be wired by yourself.

    Tips: What are the differences between vertical and portable autoclave?

    • Design: The control panel of a vertical autoclave has more parameter display and control options than that of a portable autoclave.
    • Capacity and scope of application: Vertical autoclaves usually have a larger capacity and volume, and are suitable for processing more items or larger containers. Portable autoclaves have a smaller capacity and are suitable for handling small quantities of items or small containers.
    • Usage scenario: Upright autoclaves are commonly used in hospitals, laboratories, or other professional settings to sterilize large quantities of items. Portable autoclaves are more suitable for use in scenarios that require mobility and portability to sterilize small items.
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