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    12L Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

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    Affordable 12L steam autoclave sterilizer for sale. It has a power of 2 kW, an input voltage of 220V, and an input frequency of 50 Hz. The steam autoclave sterilizer operates at high temperature and pressure in order to kill microorganisms and spores on items. It plays an important role in medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.
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    Good-quality portable autoclaves are suitable for a variety of items, such as dressings, glassware, solutions, culture media, etc., which are convenient to carry, can achieve efficient sterilization of items, and have safety protection measures.


    Model LHS-12B
    Capacity 12L
    Liner Size   240*240 mm
    Outer Cylinder Size 260*360 mm
    Rated Operating Temperature 126 
    Rated Working Pressure 0.142 MPa
    Maximum working pressure 0.165 MPa
    Covering Method Quick Open
    Sterilization Time Setting Range 0-60 min
    Input Power 220V 50 Hz
    Power 2 kW
    Weight 10.5 kg
    Product Size 260*610 mm
    Outer Barrel Container Material 304 stainless steel


    • The steam autoclave sterilizer is capable of generating high enough temperature and pressure to ensure effective sterilization.
    • The portable design of the digital display control panel and the dual-scale pressure gauge makes the reading more comfortable, and the configuration of the portable handle makes it easy for users to carry and move.
    • An automatic control system is provided for operators to set and adjust parameters and monitor the operation status of the entire sterilization process.
    • Equipped with safety valve, stainless steel drain valve and fuse to protect the safety of equipment and operators.


     12L portable steam autoclave detail


    Application of 12L steam autoclave

    Tips: What are the stages of autoclave sterilization?

    • Preheating stage: Before starting the sterilization, the equipment needs to be preheated so that the temperature inside the autoclave reaches the set sterilization temperature. At this stage, the user needs to connect the device to the power supply, and set the preheating temperature and time according to the instructions on the device manual.
    • Pressurization stage: After the preheating is completed, the device will start to increase the internal pressure to reach the set sterilization pressure. During this stage, the device automatically controls heating and pressure regulation to ensure that the pressure gradually increases to the set value. Typically, a dual-scale pressure gauge will display the current pressure status for operator monitoring.
    • Sterilization phase: Once the device reaches the set sterilization temperature and pressure, the sterilization phase begins. During this phase, the equipment will maintain a constant temperature and pressure and perform sterilization operations according to the set time. The automatic control system will monitor temperature, pressure and time, and automatically adjust and control according to the set parameters. During this process, sensors such as temperature sensors and liquid level gauges will monitor the temperature and water level inside the sterilizer in real time, and transmit the data to the control system for feedback.
    • Cooling phase: After the sterilization phase, the device enters the cooling phase. During this phase, the device gradually reduces the temperature and pressure inside to safely open the device and remove the sterilized items. The cooling process usually takes a while to ensure that the item does not overheat or become dangerous when removed.
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    This 12L steam autoclave sterilizer is fantastic! I have been using it for some time now and it has always performed very reliably. It has a very sophisticated design and is easy to operate. Whether you're sterilizing medical equipment or labware, it's easy to use. Moreover, the 12L capacity is large enough to meet our needs and reduce the frequency of operation. Most importantly, it is safe and ensures the reliability of the sterilization process.
    From: Brian Wright | Date: 25/09/2023
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