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    3600 Nm Drum Gear Coupling, 5400 rpm

    Cost-effective drum gear coupling for sale with a nominal torque of 3600 Nm and a permissible speed of 5400 rpm, featuring compact construction, small radius of rotation, high load capacity and low noise level. Efficient drum gear coupling is especially suitable for low speed and heavy load working conditions, such as metallurgy, mining, and other industries, also suitable for petroleum, chemical, general machinery and other types of machinery shaft transmission.
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    The 3600 Nm drum gear coupling is a highly durable and reliable coupling, ideally suited for heavy-duty industrial applications. A compact drum gear coupling is designed to transmit torque and absorb shock loads, making it ideal for use in machinery subjected to high stress and vibration.


    Model ATO-GC-GICL4
    Nominal Torque 3600 Nm
    Allowable Speed 5400 rpm
    Shaft Hole Diameter d1, d2, dz 32, 35, 38 40, 42, 45, 50, 55, 56 60, 63, 65,70
    Shaft Hole Length Y,L 82 112 142
    J1,Z1 60 84 107
    Dimension D 196
    D1 165
    A 125.5
    C 14
    C1 37 17 25
    C2 32 28 35
    Moment of Inertia 0.091 kg*m2
    Grease Dosage 170mL
    Weight 24.9kg


    • 3600 Nm drum gear couplings can transmit high levels of torque due to their large contact area and robust construction.
    • Drum couplings can accommodate both angular and parallel misalignments, which can help reduce wear and tear on the connected equipment.
    • Drum gear couplings require minimal maintenance, thanks to their rugged design and few moving parts.
    • Gear couplings operate with low vibration and noise, which helps to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission.
    • These gear couplings operate with low vibration and noise, which helps to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Gear coupling dimension 

    Drum gear coupling dimension


    Gear couplings are commonly used in heavy machineries such as steel mills, mining equipment, power generation, and paper mills. Additionally, gear couplings are frequently utilized in marine applications, such as propulsion systems and winches, due to their high torque capacity and ability to handle harsh environments.

    Gear coupling applications.

    Tips: How to select a gear coupling?

    Selecting a gear coupling involves considering various factors such as the torque capacity, misalignment capability, speed, and application requirements. Here are some steps to help guide you in selecting a gear coupling:

    • Determine the required torque capacity: Calculate the maximum torque that the coupling will need to transmit in the application. This can be based on the power requirements of the system, the load characteristics, and any other factors that affect the torque.
    • Determine the required misalignment capability: The amount of misalignment that the coupling can tolerate depends on the application requirements.
    • Calculate the expected misalignment in terms of angular, radial, or axial misalignment, and select a coupling that can handle that amount of misalignment.
    • Consider the speed and operating conditions: The maximum speed of the coupling should be considered, as well as the temperature range, ambient conditions, and any other environmental factors that may affect the performance of the coupling.
    • Choose the type of gear coupling: There are different types of gear couplings, including single engagement, double engagement, and floating shaft designs. Choose the type that is most suitable for your application.
    • Determine the size of the coupling: The size of the coupling is determined by the torque capacity and the shaft sizes. Select a coupling with a sufficient torque capacity and that fits the shaft sizes of the system.
    • Verify compatibility: Make sure that the gear coupling is compatible with the other components in the system, such as the shafts, bearings, and motors.
    • Consider maintenance requirements: Some couplings require more maintenance than others. Consider the maintenance requirements of the selected coupling and ensure that they are acceptable for the application.

    By following these steps, you can select a gear coupling that meets the requirements of your application and provides reliable performance.

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