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    630 Nm Drum Gear Coupling, 7100 rpm

    A gear coupling is heat treated for easy disassembly and maintenance. The drum gear coupling has a nominal torque of 630 Nm and a speed of 7100 rpm. ATO offers a range of customization options for drum gear couplings, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs and requirements.
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    Low cost drum gear coupling with a nominal torque of 630 Nm and a permissible speed of 7100 rpm. The Drum Gear Coupling is designed to operate in harsh environments, making it ideal for use in industries such as mining, construction, and manufacturing.


    Model ATO-GC-GICL1
    Nominal Torque 630 Nm
    Allowable Speed 7100 rpm
    Shaft Hole Diameter d1, d2, dz 16, 18, 19 20, 22, 24 25, 28 30, 32, 35, 38
    Shaft Hole Length Y,L 42 52 62 82
    J1,Z1 / 38 44 60
    Dimension D 125  
    D1 95  
    A 75  
    C 20 10 2.5
    C1 / / / 15
    C2 / 24 19 22
    Moment of Inertia 0.009 kg*m2
    Grease Dosage 55mL
    Weight 5.9kg


    • 630 Nm drum gear couplings can transmit high levels of torque due to their large contact area and robust construction.
    • Drum couplings can accommodate both angular and parallel misalignments, which can help reduce wear and tear on the connected equipment.
    • Drum gear couplings require minimal maintenance, thanks to their rugged design and few moving parts.
    • Gear couplings operate with low vibration and noise, which helps to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission.
    • These gear couplings operate with low vibration and noise, which helps to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Gear coupling dimension 

    Drum gear coupling dimension


    Gear couplings are commonly used in heavy machineries such as steel mills, mining equipment, power generation, and paper mills. Additionally, gear couplings are frequently utilized in marine applications, such as propulsion systems and winches, due to their high torque capacity and ability to handle harsh environments.

    Gear coupling applications.

    Tips: How to maintain gear couplings?

    Gear couplings are essential components in machinery that transmit torque and motion between shafts. To ensure their longevity and efficient operation, regular maintenance is required. Here are some tips on how to maintain gear couplings:

    • Inspect the coupling regularly: Check the coupling for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, corrosion, or deformation. Look for any leaks, misalignment, or vibration in the coupling.
    • Lubrication: Gear couplings require lubrication to function smoothly. Check the lubricant level and ensure that it is within the recommended range. Use the recommended type of lubricant and follow the recommended lubrication schedule.
    • Tightening of bolts: Check the bolts of the coupling regularly to ensure that they are tight. Loose bolts can cause misalignment and lead to premature wear.
    • Alignment: Misalignment of the shafts can cause stress and wear on the coupling. Check the alignment of the shafts regularly and adjust them if necessary.
    • Cleaning: Keep the coupling clean and free of dirt and debris. Use a clean cloth to wipe the coupling regularly.
    • Replace damaged parts: If any part of the coupling is damaged, replace it immediately. Do not attempt to repair or reuse damaged parts.

    By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your gear couplings operate smoothly and last longer.

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