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    3kW Portable Diesel Generator, Single Phase

    Silent enclosure type 1 phase portable diesel generator direct sale form factory and has competive price, 3000rpm for 50Hz, 3600 rpm for 60Hz, powered by 6hp 4-stroke air-cooled single cylinder direct injection diesel engine.
    SKU: ATO-DG-3K
    Delivery date: 6-12 days


    • 3000 watt single phase portable and silent diesel generator.
    • High quality 12V 24AH without maintenance battery for easy startups.
    • With 6 HP single cylinder, 4-stroke air cooled diesel engine and full copper wire alternator ensure more stable operation.
    • Closed frame design with never-flat wheels for optimal noise reduction and added mobility.
    • Analog panel, digital LCD panel, ATS panel for selection.


    Model ATOBDG4000SE
    Alternator Type Brushless, Self Exciting, 2 Pole, Single Phase
    AC Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
    AC Voltage 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240/110V, 120/240V, 208/120V
    *Note: Voltage form like "240/110V" is a dual supply voltage, means that the generator output is 1-phase 240V or 1-phase 110V.
    Rated AC Output 3 kW 3.3 kW
    Max. AC Output 3.3 kW 3.5 kW
    DC Output Voltage 12V
    DC Output Current 8.3A
    Insulation F
    Power Factor 0.8
    Control Panel Analog Panel (Option: Digital LCD Panel, ATS)
    Engine Model BD178FE
    Engine Type Diesel, Air-cooled, Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke
    Bore x Stroke 78x62 mm
    Displacement 296 CC
    Engine Speed 3000 rpm 3600 rpm
    Starting System Electric Start
    Starting Motor Capacity 12V 0.5KW
    Starting Battery 12V 24AH
    Max. Power Output 6 HP
    Fuel Tank Capacity 14.5L
    Time of Running on the Full Tank 9 hours
    Cont. Operating 10HRS 9HPS
    Operating Noise Level 65 dB
    Certification CE, EPA, ISO9001-2000
    Warranty 12 months
    N.W/G.W 141/146 kg
    Dimension 830x520x720 mm

    Output Socket Selection

    Generator output sockets selection

    Tips: 4 ways for diesel generator saving fuel

    1. Diesel oil purification. Diesel oil contains many kinds of minerals and impurities. If it is not precipitated and filtered, it will affect the operation of plunger and fuel injector, resulting in uneven fuel supply, poor fuel atomization and other phenomena, reducing engine power and increasing fuel consumption. Therefore, it is recommended to allow the diesel oil to settle for a period of time, and filter the funnel with filter screen when refueling. Then, clean or replace the filter regularly to achieve the purpose of purification.
    2. Remove the carbon deposit. In the operation of diesel generator, there are polymers attached to the valve, valve seat, fuel injector and piston top of the generator. These deposits will increase fuel consumption and should be removed in time.
    3. Do not overload operation. When the diesel generator is overloaded, it will emit black smoke, which is the fuel emission without full combustion. As long as the machine often emits black smoke, it will increase fuel consumption and shorten the service life of parts.
    4. Keep the water temperature. The cooling water temperature of diesel engine is too low, which will cause incomplete combustion of diesel, affect the exertion of power and waste fuel oil. Therefore, it is necessary to properly use the heat preservation curtain, and pay attention to that the cooling water is better to use soft water without minerals, such as flowing river water, etc.
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