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    3L Ultrasonic Cleaner for Jewelry/Dentures/Parts

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    3.2 liter ultrasonic cleaner with reinforced cleaning tank, made of stainless steel SUS304, quality material for durable use, 60/120W ultrasonic power and 40kHz ultrasonic frequency for high effective cleaning, with timer and heater control, simple & user friendly operation, best for jewelry, rings, eyeglasses, denture, watches, hardware parts, auto parts, etc.
    SKU: ATO-UlTC-020S
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    Small ultrasonic cleaning machine with large stainless steel tank 3.2L, generates 40kHz ultrasonic frequency, powerful yet gentle for cleaning jewelry, rings, eyeglasses, dentures, watches, Vinyl record, metal parts, coin, tableware, taboo equipment, etc.


    • Stainless steel tank, high durability and long service life.
    • Ultrasonic cleaner possesses 3.2 liter tank, capable of cleaning many items at one time.
    • With digital timer control, 0-30min adjustable.
    • With digital heater control range from 20°C to 80°C, helpful to remove the oil and wax.
    • Ultrasonic cleaning machine also has degas function to prevent oxidation.
    • Double ultrasonic power 60W/120W to meet different cleaning requirements.
    • Equipped with stainless steel basket to keep the items secure.
    • Using only tap water, or industrial alcohol and solvent cleaner for higher cleaning requirement.
    • Adopting industrial control chip microcontroller, flexible circuit board control, safer and more stable.


    Model ATO-JP-020S
    Tank Capacity 3.2L
    Transducer Quantity 2
    Ultrasonic Power 60/120W
    Heating Power 100W
    Timer 1~30 min adjustable
    Heating Temperature 20℃~80℃ adjustable
    Ultrasonic Frequency 40kHz
    Power Supply AC 110V 60Hz or AC 220V 50Hz
    Material Stainless Steel SUS304
    Tank Size 240*135*100mm (L*W*H)
    Product Size 270*185*230mm (L*W*H)
    Net Weight 3.6kg
    Gross Weight 4.3kg
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Warranty 1 Year
    Document Download Ultrasonic Cleaner User Manual


    The 3.2L ultrasonic cleaner is greatly used in the jewelry industry, medical industry, electronic factory, molding factory, car workshop, diesel workshop, automobile industry, scientific laboratory, university, dental clinics, eyeglass shop, hardware tools shop, barbershop, printing industry and so on.

    3.2L Ultrasonic Cleaner Applications

    Ultrasonic Cleaner Comparison Before and After Cleaning

    Tips: What Affects the Cleaning Effect of Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    1. Cleaning medium
    With ultrasonic cleaning, there are generally two kinds of cleaning agents, namely chemical solvent and water-based cleaning agent. The chemical action of cleaning medium can accelerate ultrasonic cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning is a physical action. The combination of two kinds of action can fully clean the objects.

    2. Power density
    The higher the power density of ultrasonic wave, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed, the better the cleaning effect. However, for the precise product with high degree of finish, it will cause cavitation, corrosion on the surface of the object if using a long time high power density cleaning.

    3. Ultrasonic frequency
    Low frequency ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for roughly cleaning the workpiece, while high frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine has strong ultrasonic direction, suitable for fine cleaning of objects.

    4. High temperature
    Generally speaking, the cavitation effect of ultrasonic wave is the best in 50°C~60°C. The cleaning agent is not always more effective with higher temperature, and may fail at high temperature. Usually in more than 85°C, cleaning effect has become poor. So the actual application of ultrasonic cleaning, the operating temperature of 50°C~70°C is used.

    Existing reviews of 3L Ultrasonic Cleaner for Jewelry/Dentures/Parts
    Amazing ultrasonic cleaner
    This 3L ultrasonic cleaner works amazing, the price was great and it is definitely made for commercial use. We use this 6 days a week 8-12 hours each day and it has been working great.
    From: Hollye | Date: 12/12/2022
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    Very practical and convenient ultrasonic cleaner
    Fast delivery and well-packaged, the quality of the ultrasonic cleaner is very good. The stainless steel body has a sense of technology. Just enough for the lab equipment. The machine is very easy to use and powerful. Very practical and convenient ultrasonic cleaner. Highly recommended!
    From: Leo | Date: 24/04/2022
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    Good quality control
    I've been using this ultrasonic cleaner in my shop for deep cleaning. It did a great job of antique jewelry and it is adequate for my needs. This product has good quality control. Highly recommended!
    From: Warren | Date: 06/04/2022
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