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    4 HP (3kW) Hot Oil Pump

    Economical price centrifugal hot oil pump for sale online. The motor of the hot oil pump has a pure copper wire rotor. The efficiency of centrifugal hot oil pump is 57%. Thermal oil pump often used in synthetic fiber industry, textile dyeing industry and construction industry.
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    Thermic oil pumps contribute significantly to the efficiency and reliability of industrial processes requiring controlled and elevated temperatures. Their robust design and ability to handle high-temperature fluids make them indispensable components in a wide range of applications.


    • Corrosion Resistance. Pumps used for hot oil applications are typically made from materials that resist corrosion, ensuring the longevity of the pump in harsh operating conditions.
    • Robust Construction. Hot oil pumps are built to be robust and durable, with materials chosen to withstand the thermal stresses associated with high-temperature operations.
    • Efficiency. Hot oil pumps are engineered for high efficiency to minimize energy consumption while effectively circulating the heat transfer fluid through the system.


    • Model: RY50-32-160
    • Voltage: 380V
    • Power: 4 HP (3 kW)
    • Material: cast iron
    • Head: 12.5m
    • Capacity: 30 m3/h
    • Speed: 2900 r/min
    • Efficiency: 57%
    • Motor: 100L
    • Seal Method: packing seal
    • Working Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 350℃


    Hot oil pump structure

    1. Pump Casing 2. Impeller Nut 3. Impeller 4. Pump Cover
    5. Pump Shaft 6. Bearing 7. Bearing Casing 8. Oil-conducting Pipe
    9. Bearing's Press Cover 10. Bear Frame 11. Packing Seal  


    Hot oil pump application

    Tips: What industries commonly use hot oil pump?

    Hot oil pumps are commonly utilized across several industries where the transfer of high-temperature liquids is required. One of the primary sectors is the oil and gas industry, where hot oil pumps are used for circulating thermal fluids in heat exchangers, heaters, and boilers. In the chemical industry, they facilitate the movement of hot liquids such as bitumen, asphalt, and various chemical compounds during production processes. Additionally, hot oil pumps find extensive application in the manufacturing sector for heating molds, presses, and industrial machinery. They are also crucial in the food processing industry for cooking, frying, and sterilization processes. Furthermore, hot oil pumps play a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry for maintaining precise temperatures in reactors and vessels during drug manufacturing. Overall, any industry that involves the circulation of high-temperature liquids relies on hot oil pumps for efficient and safe operations.

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