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    4 hp (3 kW) Regenerative Vortex Blower, 220V/380V

    Sweetwater regenerative blowers have a rated power of 3 kW, a maximum air volume of 302 m3 /h, and a motor speed of 2980 RPM. ATO 4 hp regenerative air blower can effectively handle a variety of gases, from wastewater treatment plants to pneumatic conveying systems to show outstanding performance.
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    4 hp regenerative vortex is made of quality materials with excellent service life and provide a reliable and cost effective solution. The high pressure regenerative blower's compact design and easy-to-follow installation instructions make it easy to integrate into your existing system.


    • Model: ATO-HG-3000-L
    • Power: 3000W (4 hp)
    • Voltage: 220V/380V
    • Max. Air Volume: 302 m3 /h
    • Max. Air Pressure: 36kPa
    • Max. Suction Pressure: 33kPa
    • Noise Level: 69 dB
    • Aeration Depth: Up to 1.3 m
    • Available with Aeration Trays: 40 to 60
    • Motor Speed: 2980 rpm
    • Coil Material: Pure copper
    • Rated Frequency: 50Hz (customized)
    • Protection Class: IP57
    • Air Outlet Direction: Blowing and sucking
    • Energy Consumption Class: Class II
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C~60°C
    • Housing Material: Aluminium housing
    • Air Inlet Temperature: -40°C~180°C
    • Weight: 41 kg


    • The regenerative vortex is made of one piece aerospace aluminium housing, which is precise and robust, with good heat dissipation, fire and corrosion resistance.
    • The duct opening is equipped with a filter blocker, providing effective filtration of dirt and impurities and protecting the internal cleanliness of the blower.
    • The duct is equipped with a built-in sound-deadening sponge to dampen the sound. If you have strict requirements on noise, it is recommended to install an external silencer, please contact us to purchase.
    • 4 hp sweetwater regenerative blowers with phosphate shot blasting treatment and electrostatic spraying for even colour, no paint loss and scratch resistance.

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    Roots blower dimensions

    Model A B C D E F E1 F1 G
    ATO-HG3000-L 375 400 515 60 180 330 140 297 13


    Roots blower details


    Regenerative blowers are commonly used in industrial applications, such as wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, and chemical processing, where high volumes of air are required at low pressures. They are also used in some automotive applications, such as supercharging engines, where they can increase the amount of air that is forced into the engine, resulting in increased horsepower and torque.

    Roots blower applications

    Tips: Are regenerative blowers noisy?

    Regenerative blowers are typically louder than other types of blowers due to their design and operation. The pulsating airflow generated by the blower as it moves air through the system creates a distinct "whining" or "whistling" noise, which can be particularly noticeable at higher speeds.

    However, the level of noise produced by a regenerative blower can vary depending on a number of factors, including the specific model and size of the blower, the speed at which it is operating, the design of the intake and discharge systems, and the acoustic characteristics of the surrounding environment.

    In general, regenerative blowers tend to be louder than other types of blowers, such as centrifugal or axial flow blowers, but there are ways to mitigate the noise produced by a roots blower, such as using sound-dampening materials, optimizing the blower's installation and placement, and selecting a blower with a lower noise output.

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