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    400W Constant Current LED Driver, LED Power Supply

    Buy a 400W constant current LED power supply online. It is a dimmable LED transformer that provides output voltage 28-56V, input voltage 100~277V AC, and output current 5.8A~9A, allowing users to adjust the light intensity and customize the lighting environment according to various plant needs.
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    Factory price 400W constant current LED driver for grow lights offers precise current regulation, energy efficiency, and dimming options, available with output voltage 28~56V, input voltage 100~277V AC, output current 5.8A~9A and waterproof & rainproof functions.


    • Model: ATO-TBW-LFA-400
    • Input Voltage: 100~277V AC
    • Output Power: 400W
    • Output Voltage: 28V~56V
    • Output Current: 5.8A~9A
    • Mode: Constant Current
    • Power Factor: 0.95
    • Size: 257mmx88mmx45mm
    • Efficiency: 93%
    • Application: LED Lighting(Especially for Plant Grow Lights)
    • Waterproof Grade: IP65/IP67
    • Protection: Over-Heat, Over-Load, Short-Circuit & Open-Circuit
    • Work Temperature: -40℃~60℃

    Dimming Methods

    • (Default) Knob Dimming + (RJ11 Network Port)
    • 3-in-1 Dimming (0-10V/PWM/Resistor)
    • 3-in-1 Dimming + 12V/300mA Auxiliary Source

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    400W LED driver dimension


    Constant current LED drivers are commonly used in various scenarios such as commercial and residential lighting installations, architectural lighting designs, outdoor and landscape lighting, signage and display boards, automotive lighting systems, horticultural lighting for indoor farming or plant growth, and LED strip lighting. The constant current output ensures consistent brightness, uniform illumination, and proper functioning of the LEDs, enabling energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting solutions in diverse applications.

    led driver applications

    Tips: Is constant current LED power supply important for grow lights?

    Yes, a constant current LED power supply is crucial for growing lights. Plants rely on consistent and specific light wavelengths for optimal growth, and a stable current ensures that the LEDs emit a consistent light output. With a constant current power supply, the grow lights can maintain a steady and reliable intensity, promoting photosynthesis and supporting various stages of plant growth.

    Fluctuations in current can lead to inconsistent light output, potentially affecting the growth and development of plants. Additionally, constant current drivers help ensure that each LED in the grow light system receives the appropriate amount of current, preventing overdriving or underdriving of individual LEDs.

    For plants, maintaining a stable light environment is essential for accurate light cycle regulation, which influences processes like flowering and fruiting. Inconsistent lighting due to variable currents can disrupt these cycles and impact the overall productivity of the grow light system. Therefore, using a constant current LED power supply is highly important in the context of grow lights to provide a controlled and optimized lighting environment for plant growth.

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