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    4500 rpm 12V 24V Small Brushless DC Motor

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    Good price 4500/ 9000 rpm high speed brushless DC motor for sale online. 2mm small shaft diameter suits in many scenes. 12V or 24V voltage can be chosen in this BLDC motor. High rpm brushless dc motor with strong load capacity and high-temperature resistance.
    SKU: ATO-BLDC-4500R
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    High speed brushless DC motor can be reached 9000 rpm. Carbon steel circular shaft has high strength and stiffness. Pure copper coil material makes brushless motor to run more smoothly and work with less noise.


    • Model Number: ATO-2418
    • Shaft Length: 19.3 mm
    • Shaft Diameter: 2 mm
    • Size: 24 mm (D), 43 mm (L)
    • Construction: Permanent Magnet
    • Wiring: 5 lines
    • Weight: 90g
    • Motor Type: Micro Brushless DC Motor
    • Rated Power: 2.5W
    • Rated Voltage: 12V DC, 24V DC
    • Rated Current: 0.08A, 0.15A
    • Noload Speed: 4500 rpm, 9000 rpm
    • Noload Current: 0.035A, 0.05A
    • Rated Torque: 16.2, 33.6
    • Efficiency: 80%
    • Certification: CE
    • Warranty: 12 Months

    Dimension (mm):

    4500 rpm BLDC motor dimension


    4500rpm Small Brushless DC Motor Details

    Tips: Features of Brushless DC Motor:

    • Brushless DC motor has the advantages of traditional DC motor, while eliminating carbon brush and slip ring structure.
      It can be low speed and high power operation, can save the reducer directly drive large load.
    • Small size, light weight and large output.
    • Excellent torque characteristics, medium and low speed torque performance is good, large starting torque, small starting current.
    • Stepless speed regulation, wide speed regulation range, strong overload capacity.
    • High efficiency, motor itself without excitation loss and carbon brush loss, eliminate multi-level deceleration.
    • High reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, simple repair and maintenance.
    • Shock resistance, low noise, small vibration, smooth operation, long service life.
    Existing reviews of 4500 rpm 12V 24V Small Brushless DC Motor
    Great motor for my project
    Great brushless DC motor for the price. I'm using two of them in my project, and there is more than enough thrust to do anything I want with it. Highly recommended!!!
    From: Beeyh | Date: 05/12/2022
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    Powerful little brushless DC motor
    Used this 4500 rpm brushless DC motor for a go-kart project and it's a great little motor for the job. Driving around for 10 minutes barely gets the motor warm, so it's got plenty of power.
    From: Loren | Date: 22/11/2022
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    Use 24V 9000 rpm brushless DC motor every day
    I have owned this high speed brushless DC motor for half a month. I bought a 12V 9000 rpm brushless dc motor and use it every day. The brushless DC motor is small, but it works very well. I like it very much. I will order more.
    From: Jakko | Date: 05/08/2022
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    Operating perfectly
    To reverse the rotation the yellow and green hall wires get swapped and 2/3 phase wires to the motor. Operating perfectly. I will buy this 4500 rpm BLDC motor again and recommend this motor.
    From: Sactor | Date: 06/06/2022
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