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    47μF 10V SMD Tantalum Capacitor

    Lower price 47μF 10V tantalum capacitor for sale online. 47μF tantalum chip capacitor can operate in -55 ℃ to 125 ℃. Tantalum capacitor with 12 mm size. SMD tantalum capacitor widely applies in filtering, video equipment, industrial equipment and pressure gauge.
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    47μF 10V tantalum chip capacitor with small size. Most often in the form of surface mounted devices (SMD). These surface mount tantalum capacitors claim much less space on the printed circuit board and allow for greater packing densities.


    • Small volume and small capacity error
    • Wide temperature range, high temperature resistance
    • Long life, high insulation resistance, small leakage current
    • Equivalent series resistance (ESR) has good high frequency performance


    • Model: ATO-TC-47UF10SMD
    • Capacitance: 47μF
    • Rated Voltage: 10V
    • Type: A-SMD
    • Net Size: 1210 mm
    • Height Mounting (Maximum): 3216 mm
    • Equivalent Series Resistance: 1
    • Tolerance: 10%
    • Leading Spacing: Leadless
    • Working Temperature: -55 ℃— +125 ℃

    SMD Tantalum Capacitor Dimension: (Unit: mm)

    L= 3.2, S= 0.8, W1= 1.6, W2= 1.2, H= 1.6

    SMD tantalum capacitor dimension

    Tips: What is Wet Tantalum Capacitor?

    The main feature of modern non-solid (wet) tantalum capacitors are their energy density compared with that of solid tantalum and wet aluminum electrolytic capacitors within the same temperature range. Due to their self-healing properties (the non-solid electrolyte can deliver oxygen to form new oxide layer in weak areas of the dielectric), the dielectric thickness can be formed with much lower safety margins and consequently with much thinner dielectric than for solid types, resulting in a higher CV value per volume unit. Additionally, wet tantalum capacitors are able to operate at voltages in excess of 100V up to 630V, have a relatively low ESR, and have the lowest leakage current of all electrolytic capacitors.

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