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    5 inch Swing Check Valve, DN125, CPVC

    The provided 5 inch check valve is a non-return valve, made of CPVC material that provides chemical resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Swing type check valve, DN125, is usually used in pipelines, process engineering and other applications that need to control the direction of the fluid.
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    Order a low price 5 inch swing check valve on It is a CPVC check valve that can transport weak acid and weak alkali medium. 125mm non-return valve is commonly used in pipelines where reliable backflow prevention is required, such as water supply, wastewater treatment, irrigation and industrial processes.


    • The check valve can prevent the phenomenon of liquid counter-current from protecting the pump equipment.
    • Because it is a cantilever check valve, there is less resistance to flow.
    • The 5 inch swing check valve uses CPVC materials and plays a strong corrosion resistance to prevent acid and alkali fluid.
    • Not only can the valve body be removed from the pipeline, but also the valve cover can be opened for internal inspection and maintenance.


    • Model: ATO-H44F-10S
    • Check Valve Type: Swing
    • Nominal Diameter: 5 inch/125mm
    • Nominal Pressure: 10kg
    • Drive Mode: Manual
    • Pressure Environment: Low Pressure
    • Type (Channel Position): 2 Ways
    • Flow Direction: One Way
    • Body Material: CPVC
    • Connection Form: Flange
    • Weight: 17kg
    • Applicable Medium: Acid-Base concentration higher than 30%, lower than 60%, except hydrochloric acid.

     Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Swing check valve dimension

    Nominal Diameter D1 D2
    DN125 250 210 210 8.5
    L h n-Φ
    350 30 4-Φ18 4-Φ23 4-Φ22


    Swing check valve applications

    Tips: Advantages of swing check valve

    Swing check valves are a type of valve commonly used in pipelines and other fluid systems to prevent backflow and protect equipment from damage. Here are some advantages of swing check valves:

    • Simple design: Swing check valves have a relatively simple design, consisting of a hinged disc that swings freely on a hinge. This makes them easy to manufacture, install, and maintain.
    • Low pressure drop: Swing check valves have a low-pressure drop, meaning that they don't significantly impede the flow of fluid through the system. This can help to reduce energy costs and increase system efficiency.
    • Resilient sealing: The disc in a swing check valve is typically made from a resilient material, such as rubber or neoprene, which can form a tight seal against the valve seat when closed. This helps to prevent leaks and backflow.
    • Versatility: Swing check valves are suitable for use in a wide range of applications and can handle a variety of fluids, including gases, liquids, and slurries.
    • Durable: Swing check valves are designed to withstand the high pressures and temperatures commonly found in industrial applications, making them durable and long-lasting.
    • Low maintenance: Because swing check valves have a simple design and few moving parts, they require minimal maintenance and are less prone to failure than other types of valves.

    Overall, swing check valves offer a cost-effective, reliable solution for preventing backflow and protecting fluid systems and equipment.

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