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    50 hp (37 kW) DC Reactor, Single Phase

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    Sell single DC line reactor at low price, power 50 hp (37 kW), rated current 110 Amp, dc voltage can choose 220V-1200V, smoothing DC line reactors are used to reduce and prevent rectifier bridge damage and capacitors.
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    DC line reactor for reducing harmonic interference, dc output voltage can be customized, single phase, 50 hp power, good quality and cheap price.


    Model ATO-DCL-110
    Phase 1 Phase
    Power Adapter 37 kW (50 hp)
    Recommended VFD Model GK3000-4T0370G (50 hp three phase VFD)
    VFD Voltage Adapter 220V-1200V (Contact us for other voltages)
    Rated Current 110A
    Inductance 0.28mH
    Insulation Grade F.H
    Dimension 165*150*185mm (L*W*H)
    Mounting Dimension 120*80mm
    Electric Strength Iron core-winding 3000VAC/50Hz/10mA/60s no arcing no breakdown
    Insulation Resistance iron core-winding 1000VDC, Insulation resistance
    Noise of Reactor Less than 35dB (measured from 1 meter away in horizon from reactor)
    Degree of Protection IP00
    Degree of Insulation > Class F
    Weight 15kg

    1. Improve the input current wave caused by capacitor harmonics.
    2. Reduce and prevent rectifier bridge damage and capacitors.
    3. Overheating due to a surge in current.
    4. Improve the power factor and reduce the AC pulse of the DC bus.
    5. Limit transient changes in system voltage.

    50 hp DC Reactor Dimension (unit: mm)
    DC reactor dimensionDetails

    Single Phase DC Reactor Details
    Tips: Selection and use of reactor

    Common reactors are line reactors, which are used to limit the current surge caused by sudden voltage changes and operating overvoltages in the power grid, and can smooth the spike pulses contained in the power supply voltage to improve the power quality. The single-phase DC reactor is mainly used between the DC link and the inverter link of the frequency conversion system. The main purpose is to limit the AC component superimposed on the DC current to a specified value. The main function of the three-phase output reactor is to compensate the influence of the long-distance distributed capacitance, and can suppress the output harmonic current, improve the output high-frequency impedance, and protect the inverter.
    Common reactors, such as iron-core reactors, are characterized by small size, low leakage and loss, and can be used in high-voltage cabinets. However, the disadvantage is that the noise is large and the coil is burned out due to magnetic saturation. , Does not have a good ability to suppress harmonics and the ability to resist short-circuit current. The dry-type air-core reactor has strong overcurrent capability, and the mechanical structure is relatively simple and sturdy. It can also be used outdoors, but it has the defects of high active loss and electromagnetic interference to surrounding electrical equipment. In addition, there are types of reactors such as half-core reactors and magnetically shielded reactors. It can be seen that there are various types and functions of inverters. In actual power system applications, reactors with different functions should be selected according to needs.

    Existing reviews of 50 hp (37 kW) DC Reactor, Single Phase
    DC reactor closely matched with VFD
    I bought this DC reactor because of the VFD. It can work closely with the VFD to control the harmonic inrush current and keep it from burning for a long time.
    From: Hooten | Date: 31/08/2021
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