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    50mm Worm Gearbox, Ratio 5:1 to 100:1, 27 N.m

    Competitive price worm gearbox has 50mm center distance, 27 Nm rated torque, 1400 rpm rated speed. The reduction ratio can be customized to 5:1/ 7.5:1/ 10:1/ 15:1/ 20:1, etc., the highest is up to 100:1. It is convenient and simple to connect with motors, especially when used with ATO 120W-750W asynchronous motor, the effect is better.
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    The NMRV worm gearbox reducer provided by ATO is a speed reducer with low noise, high efficiency and low price. 200W rated power, 40:1/ 50:1/ 60:1/ 80:1 reduction ratio, IP65.


    Model ATO-NMRV050
    Reduction ratio 5:1/ 7.5:1/ 10:1/ 15:1/ 20:1/ 25:1/ 30:1/ 40:1/ 50:1/ 60:1/ 80:1/ 100:1 (optional)
    Center distance 50mm
    Rated torque 27 N.m
    Rated power 0.2 kW
    Rated speed 1400 rpm
    Protection grade IP65
    Certification CE
    Color Blue
    Warranty 1 year

    Housing: Aluminum alloy

    Turbine: 20 Cr

    Worm: Tin bronze

    Dimention (Unit: mm)

    50mm worm gear reducer outline dimensional drawing


    Worm Gearbox Details

    Customizable accessories

    ATO worm gear reducer customizable accessories: Asynchronous motor, flange, output shaft

    Tips: 50mm worm gearbox installing tips

    • Clean the shaft before installing the 50mm worm gearbox reducer, and check whether the installation shaft has bruises or dirt, if any, it should be cleaned up.
    • Before installing the 50mm worm gearbox, confirm whether the motor and reducer are intact, and strictly check whether the size of each part connecting the motor and the reducer matches.
    • When installing the transmission part on the output shaft, it is not allowed to hit with a hammer. Usually the assembly fixture and the internal thread of the shaft end are used to press the transmission part in with bolts, otherwise it may cause damage to the internal parts of the 50mm worm gearbox speed reducer.
    • The blockage should be cleared before use to ensure that the 50mm center distance speed reducer is discharged from the body during operation. Otherwise, the long-term operation of the 50mm worm gearbox reducer will cause the gas in the reducer to swell the oil seal, and even cause the reducer to leak oil.
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