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    5kVA 230V to 120V/240V Split Phase Transformer

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    Single phase to split phase transformer rated value 5kVA, equipped with housing and wheels, input voltage AC 230V/240V/480V is available, output voltage 120V/240VAC. Winding material can choose aluminum or copper wire, frequency 50/60Hz.
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    5kVA single phase to split phase transformer can convert the primary voltage 230V into 120V/240V(L1, L2, N, L+L=240V, L+N=120V), enclosure protection grade IP20, the sturdy and durable structure makes it an ideal choice.

    5 kVA Single Phase to Split Phase Transformer Specifications

    Model ATO-DGS5kVA
    Phase Single phase to split phase
    Capacity 5 kVA
    Primary Voltage 1 Phase / 2 phase 110, 120, 208, 220, 230, 240, 380, 415, 440, 460, 480,
    Secondary Voltage 120V/240V AC(L1, L2, N, L+L=240V, L+N=120V)
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Winding Material Aluminum/Copper wire (Optional)
    Work Efficiency ≥95%
    Insulation Resistance ≥50 MΩ
    Electrical Strength 2000V AC/1 min
    Noise ≤35dB (1 meter)
    Insulation Grade Grade B (130℃), Grade F (155℃), Grade H (180℃)
    Cooling Method Natural or air cooling
    Overload Capacity Allow more than 1.2 times rated load to work for up to 1 hour
    Induced Overvoltage Withstand Test 125Hz/800V/min
    Transformation Ratio <3%
    Air Carrying Current <6%
    Impedance Voltage About 6%
    Total Losses 10%
    Certification CE, ISO
    Temperature -15℃~+45℃
    Humidity ≤90%RH, without condensation
    Altitude <2000m, non corrosive gas and conductive dust
    Enclosure Protection Grade IP20
    Warranty 12 months
    Weight of Aluminium Wire Transformer Open type: 65kg
    Protected type: 84kg
    Weight of Copper Wire Transformer Open type: 75kg
    Protected type: 100kg

    5 kVA Single Phase to Split Phase Transformer Schematic Diagram
    Single phase to split phase transformer schematic diagram
    5 kVA Single Phase to Split Transformer Dimension (Unit: mm)
    Split phase isolation transformer dimension

    Aluminium Wire Transformer Size Copper Wire Transformer Size
    Open type: a*b*c=290*300*350mm Open type: a*b*c=300*310*345mm
    Mouting size: D*E=150*180mm (aperture: 20*10mm) Mouting size: 190*190mm (aperture: 20*10mm)
    Protected type: A*B*C=380*530*560mm Protected type: A*B*C=380*530*560mm



    Single Phase Isolation Transformer Details

    Tips: How to adjust the transformer gear?
    When adjusting the transformer gear, according to the output voltage level, adjust the tap switch to the corresponding position.
    The steps to adjust the tap changer are:
    1. Disconnect the transformer load, open the high-voltage drop-out fuse with an insulating rod, unscrew the protective cover of the transformer tap switch, and place the positioning pin in the neutral position.
    2. When shifting gears, adjust the tap switch to the corresponding position according to the output voltage. When the voltage is too low, switch to the low-voltage gear, and when the voltage is too high, switch to the high-voltage gear.
    3. After adjusting the gear, use a DC bridge to measure the DC resistance of each phase winding and check whether the DC resistance between the windings is balanced. If the phase-to-phase resistance difference is greater than 2%, it needs to be re-adjusted. Otherwise, the static and moving contacts will generate heat or even discharge due to poor contact and damage the transformer.

    Existing reviews of 5kVA 230V to 120V/240V Split Phase Transformer
    Good isolation transformer
    I used this 5kVA isolation transformer to isolate security camera system to prevent interference and guard against power surges. This isolation transformer seems to work fine. Definitely the best price for an item I would never find locally.
    From: Biaxy | Date: 01/06/2022
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