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    6.5A 130W USB Type C Tester

    Multifunctional USB Type C tester for sale, equipped with monitoring voltage 4~24V, current 0~6.5A, and power 0~130W. The provided type c tester uses an external 16-bit ADC&PD protocol physical chip, commonly used in various chargers and mobile power supplies, data cables, mobile phones, laptops and other digital devices detection and monitoring.
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    Digital Type-C tester features voltage monitoring 4 to 24V, current monitoring 0 to 6.5A, and power monitoring 0 to 130W. This USB Type-C power tester is available with an external 16-bit ADC and PD protocol physical chip, suitable for chargers, mobile power supplies, data cables, and digital devices like mobile phones and laptops. 


    • Model: ATO-C1
    • Monitoring Voltage: 4~24V
    • Monitor Voltage Resolution: 0.00001V
    • Monitoring Voltage Accuracy: ± (0.2‰+2)
    • Monitoring Current: 0~6.5A
    • Display Current Resolution: 0.00001A
    • Monitoring Current Accuracy: ±(0.5‰+2)
    • Display Power: 0~130W
    • Display Current Resolution: 0.00001W
    • Monitoring Current Accuracy: ± (0.5‰+2)
    • Load Equivalent Resistance: 0~9999.9Ω
    • Load Equivalent Resistance Resolution: 0.0001Ω
    • Load Equivalent Resistance Accuracy: ± (0.5‰+2)
    • Capacity: 0~9999.99Ah
    • Use Energy: 0~9999.99Wh
    • Cable Resistance: 0~9999.9Ω
    • D+/D- Voltage: 0~3.3V
    • D+/D- Voltage Resolution: 0.001V
    • D+/D- Voltage Accuracy: ±(1.0%+2)
    • Equipment Temperature: ℃/℉
    • Size: 50*25*8mm
    • Weight: 47g


    USB tester dimension


    USB tester detailsType C Tester Compatibility Issues

    • There may be incompatibility problems of the PC software with some Windows systems, if you really need it, please install and test the software before buying the product.
    • There are many types of mobile phones and operation systems, so there may be incompatibilities, if you need an APP, please install and test the APP before buying the product.
    • If you don't test the PC software and APP function before buying and find that the products work fine except the PC software or APP, we refuse to refund.
    • Please install and test the APP if you use a Samsung mobile phone.


    USB tester applications

    Tips: Can a USB tester be a current meter?

    Yes, a USB tester can function as a current meter. USB testers are versatile devices designed to measure various electrical parameters in a USB connection, including voltage, current, and power. Users can connect a USB tester between a USB power source and a device to monitor the current flow in real time. The device typically displays this information on its built-in screen, allowing users to assess the charging or power consumption of the connected device. Therefore, a USB tester serves as a valuable tool for those who need to measure and understand the current being drawn or supplied through a USB connection.

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