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    6 Position DIP Switch, 12 Pin, SPST

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    Small surface mount 5 position DIP switch at wholesale price, SPST loop, pin spacing 2.54mm. It is a dual in-line package switch miniature which can be mounted on a PCB, breadboard or motherboard to switch on or off circuits.
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    Dual inline package switch (DIP switch) is designed to hold configurations and select the interrupt request for motherboards or breadboard. This small DIP switch with 6 push buttons also can be used to activate or deactivate different electronic circuits.


    Model ATO-DIP-6P
    Spacing 2.54mm
    Number of Switch 6
    Number of Pin 12
    Maximum Operating Force 8N
    Push Button Stroke 2mm
    Operating Temperature -20℃~+70℃
    Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
    Contact Resistance Initial Value: 50MΩ, After Test: 100MΩ
    Insulation Resistance 100MΩ, 500VDC
    Compressive Strength 500VAC/1min
    Interpolar Capacitance 5pF
    Loop SPST (Single Pole Single Throw)
    Electrical Life Tested under voltage 24V DC and current 25mA, it can be dialed back and forth about 2000 times
    Rated Current Does not Switch Frequently 10mA, Withstand Voltage 50V DC
    Switch Frequently 25mA, Withstand Voltage 24V DC
    Weight 0.1kg

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 6 Position 12 Pin SPST DIP Switch

    Tips: Different types of DIP switches

    • Half-spacing type
      The pin spacing is half of the normal DIP switch, that is 1.27mm. The main features are small size and occupy less space on the circuit board. It is suitable for use on micro-precision equipment.
    • DIP flat type
      The pin spacing is 2.54mm. It adopts the direct insertion type (DIP) and the flat type, belonging to two states. The strength of the actuator is up to 800gF in each series, and the working temperature is -40 to 85 degrees, which is suitable for industrial grade.
    • DIP sliding type
      The pin spacing is 2.54mm, and the sliding in-line switch is two states. The temperature range is -40 to 85 degrees, suitable for industrial grade.
    • DIP key type
      Pin spacing is 2.54mm, top dial in-line (DIP), two states. The protruding part of the actuator is only 0.9mm. Gold-plated contacts, strong reliability. The stroke of the actuator is only 0.9mm, and the temperature range is also suitable for industrial grade.
    • DIP ultra-thin sliding type
      Pin spacing is 2.54mm, top dial in-line (DIP), two-state, sliding type. Gold-plated contacts, strong reliability. Suitable for precision instruments.
    • DIP key convex type
      Pin spacing is 2.54mm, top dial type (DIP), two-state, key type. The contact part is a gold-plated contact, and the self-cleaning structure of the operation ensures high reliability. Suitable for operating equipment up and down.

    Miniature DIP switches are available with 1 to 12 positions plus corresponding numbers of pins for selection. They are equipped with SPST loop and allow users to control the flow of electricity around a PCB. Red and blue types are available.

    Existing reviews of 6 Position DIP Switch, 12 Pin, SPST
    Unexpectedly great selection
    All the DIP switches are good quality. Although a little stiff, I associate that with new. Absolutely great on my prototype boards. I will order more and recommend to my friends.
    From: Johanes | Date: 01/12/2022
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    Very useful DIP switches.
    I used DIP switches to pairing two sides of a communication link. Not quite encryption, but a sender and receiver each need to have the same switch settings in order to encode messages between each other. Easy to fit these in a small project enclosure.
    From: Tommie | Date: 28/10/2022
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    I am satisfied with my order.
    I need something to stick to the breadboard, so I bought 100 of DIP switches. These switches stayed right in and look great. Highly recommend.
    From: Jonathan | Date: 29/04/2022
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