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    6 W AC Gear Motor, Torque Motor with Gearbox, single phase

    The provided torque motor is 6 W AC gear motor with gearbox, works at single phase 110V/220V voltage. It has high starting torque and sloping characteristics, allowing easily adjust the torque by changing the voltage going to the motor.
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    6 W single phase AC gear motor & torque motor can act as a brake when back driven, or a simple device to provide tension. Depending on the torque setting, the motor will provide tension to the material while taking up slack in the line automatically, essentially matching the line speed. A high performance torque motor is an excellent product for winding and unwinding type applications.


    Model 3TK6GN-A 3TK6GN-C
    Shaft Type Pinion Shaft
    Power 6 W
    Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz
    Rating at Locked rotor 5 Min Continuous 5 Min Continuous 5 Min Continuous 5 Min Continuous
    Voltage 110V 110V 220V 220V
    Starting Torque 134 mN.m 134 mN.m 134 mN.m 134 mN.m
    Max. Output Power 6 W 6.5 W 6 W 6.5 W
    Torque at Max. Output Power 80 mN.m 74 mN.m 80 mN.m 74 mN.m
    Speed at Max. Output Power 750 r/min 900 r/min 750 r/min 900 r/min
    Capacitor 8.0/250 7.0/250 2.0/450 1.5/450
    Weight Motor: 1.1 Kg; Gear head: 0.5 Kg
    Gearbox Model 3GN[]K
    Gear Ratio 3, 3.6, 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12.5, 15, 18, 25, 30, 36, 50, 60, 75, 90, 100, 120, 150, 180,200
    Enter the gear ratio into the box ([]) within the model name

    Speed-Torque Characteristics (Reference Values)
    6 w torque motor speed-torque characteristicsDimensions (Unit=mm)
    6 w torque motor dimensionWiring Diagram
    torque motor wiring diagram


    6W AC Gear Motor,Torque Motor with Gearbox Details


    1. Torque motors have high starting torque and sloping characteristics, allowing speed control simply by changing the voltage of the power supply. (The motor torque changes approximately proportion to the square of the voltage.)
    2. Suitable for winding applications. In an application where an object is released continuously at a constant speed and wound up with constant tension, the torque must be doubled and the speed must be halved if the diameter of the winding spool is doubled.
    3. Use as a brake. By using the motor in the braking region of the speed - torque characteristics, it can serve as a brake. In addition, constant tension operation can be achieved by applying a DC voltage.

    In this video, you will see wiring and testing a ATO single-phase 220V, 50Hz, 6W, 1250rpm torque motor with gearbox.
    Firstly, we use a 250V 15A switch to transfer the direction of rotation of the motor.
    Secondly, apply a 0.8μF capacitor to both ends of the blue and white wires of the motor and connect it to the transfer switch. The intermediate terminal of the transfer switch is connected to the power supply.
    Finally, turn on the power and test.

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