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    90 W DC Gear Motor, 3000 rpm, 12V/24V/48V

    The offered gear motor is a 90W brushless DC motor with a 90 mm size gearbox fitted to the front of the motor. The DC motor with rated speed of 3000 rpm, rated torque of 0.29 Nm, peak torque up to 0.86 Nm, 12V, 24V, 48V voltage for you to choose from.
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    Low cost 90W DC gear motor with 3000 rpm rated speed, 9.38A rated current at 12V, 4.69A at 24V, 2.34A at 48V, 3:1 to 200:1 gear ratio are available here. This small DC gear motor suitable for a lot of industrial applications such as food processing machine, sealing equipment, textile machine etc..

    90W DC gear motor Specifications

    Model ATOD5BLD90-12 ATOD5BLD90-24 ATOD5BLD90-48
    Power 90W 90W 90W
    Voltage 12V 24V 48V
    Rated Speed 3000 rpm 3000 rpm 3000 rpm
    No-load Speed 3300 rpm 3300 rpm 3300 rpm
    Rated Current 9.38A 4.69A 2.34A
    Rated Torque 0.29 N.m 0.29 N.m 0.29 N.m
    Peak Torque 0.86 N.m 0.86 N.m 0.86 N.m
    No-load Current < 0.85A < 0.7A < 0.5A
    Compatible Driver Model BLD-300B BLD-120A BLD-300B
    Weight 2.3 Kg
    Gear Head Motor 2GN□K Enter the gear ratio into the box (□) within the model name
    Gear Ratio 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 36, 40, 50, 60, 75, 90, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200

    *Motor length, power, voltage and speed can be customized according to your requirements under the allowed circumstance of adoptable dimension.

    The allowable torque with a gear head
    Allowance Torque Unit: Upside (N.m)/Belowside (

    Type Gear Ratio 3 5 7.5 10 12.5 15 18 20 25 30 36 40 50 60 75 90 100 120 150 180 200
    ATOD5BLD90 Speed (r/min) 1000 600 400 300 240 200 167 150 120 100 83.33 75 60 50 40 33 30 25 20 17 15
    2GN□K 0.67 1.16 1.74 2.32 2.61 3.14 3.77 3.78 4.73 5.67 6.81 7.56 9.46 11.35 14.18 15.21 16.9 20 20 20 20
    6.96 11.6 17.4 23.21 26.14 31.37 37.65 37.82 47.27 56.73 68.07 75.64 94.55 113.5 141.8 152.1 169 200 200 200 200

    *The values colored "Red" indicate that the gear head and the DC motor are running in the same direction, and the other values are in the opposite direction.
    *When it is desired to reduce the speed further than the gear ratio in the table above, an intermediate speed reducer with a gear ratio of 10 can be installed between the motor and the gear head.

    90w gear motor dimension
    *Mounting screws are included with gearbox

    Tips: Why does the gear motor vibrate?

    1. Armature imbalance. Due to the centrifugal force generated by the unbalanced mass during rotation, a rotational force acts on the bearing, causing vibration of the motor. When the air gap is uneven, the main engine is not tightly fixed, or the rigidity of the base and the end cover is poor, vibration will be aggravated. Therefore, if the rotor is found to be unbalanced during the inspection, it must be rebalanced.
    2. The radial clearance of the bearing is too large, and the outer ring and the end cover loosen together. When assembling, the bearings should be inspected. Bearing and journal, bearing seat must meet the requirements, otherwise it must be sprayed or brushed to deal with the process, to avoid bearing vibration caused by poor. For worn bearings, the frequency of vibration and noise during the operation of the motor is relatively high and it is easy to judge. In this case, bearings should be replaced.
    3. Manufacturing error or deformed operation of the seat, end cover and other important braces. The shape and position error on the fitting surfaces of seat, end cover and other important rotor braces, particular the deformation of important braces (such as seat, end cover) of large and medium motors after long-term operation, make the bearing to produce an interference force, thus leading to the motor vibration.

    1000W brushless DC motor speed - torque diagram
    1kw BLDC motor torque speed diagram

    • Instantaneous maximum torque line
      The maximum torque momentarily impacts the load when the motor is started.
      Beyond this torque, the over-current protection of the driver will cause the motor to stop.
    • Short time operation area
      The motor can run at a short time within this torque range at different speeds.
      If the operation time is too long, the motor will generate heat, which may cause the motor to stop or burn.
    • Rated operating torque line
      The rated torque of motor running at different speeds, and the motor can run for a long time at this torque.
    • Continuous operating area
      When the motor rotates at different speeds, it runs continuously in this corresponding zone.
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