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    Brushless DC Motor Controller, 12V ~ 30V

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    Economical price brushless DC motor controller drives motor under 120W, used for 24V/36V BLDC worm gear motor or planetary gear motor to perform speed control. Power supply range from 12V to 30V, compact size and easy operation with external potentiometer.
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    BLDC motor controller works at 12V to 30V power supply and typical power is 24V DC. Its speed control is up to 20000 rpm, output current is up to 8A, used for worm and planetary gear motor.


    • Drive motor under 120W
    • Acceleration and deceleration settings
    • Power protection function (Max current setting)
    • Easy operation with external potentiometer
    • Speed setting via external analog and PWM
    • Compact size


    Model ATO-BLD120A (Click it to see more controller specs)
    Power Supply 12V ~ 30V DC
    Typical Power 24V DC
    Rated Current 5A
    Max. Output Current 8A
    Over Voltage Protection 5V
    Under Voltage Protection 20mA
    External Potentiometer 10KΩ
    Input Analog Voltage 5 VDC
    Speed Control Range 20000rpm
    *Limited by the maximum rated speed of the motor

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of BLDC Motor Controller 12V ~ 30V


    12V~30V BLDC Motor Controller Details

    Tips: Why do a brushless DC motors need to be equipped with a BLDC controller?

    The brushless DC motor replaces the mechanical commutator with an electronic commutator. Because of the electronic commutation, the brushless DC motor needs a driver drive circuit. The commutation circuit of a brushless DC motor is composed of two parts: drive and control. The two parts are not easy to separate. In particular, low-power circuits often integrate the two into a single application specific integrated circuit.

    Brushless DC motors do not have brushes and commutators, so if you want to maintain the direction of rotation, you must have an electronic commutator. The electronic commutator is controlled by the driver. At the same time, the brushless motor controller can also control the start and stop of the motor, forward and reverse rotation, speed adjustment, overvoltage, overcurrent and undervoltage protection. So there must be a brushless motor controller, even if the DC brushless motor is directly energized, it will not work.

    Existing reviews of Brushless DC Motor Controller, 12V ~ 30V
    Works excellent on brushless DC motor.
    This BLDC motor controller works great and so smoothly from low to high speed in both directions with excellent low speed control. It is actually a nice little device. Overall I’ am happy with this product. Just bought another.
    From: Peterson | Date: 16/05/2022
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    Work excellent!
    If you want to run a BLDC motor by variable speed, this controller is going to do it for you. Definitely usable. The most handy brushless test controller! Strong enough to quick test my brushless ebike motors.
    From: Alex | Date: 28/03/2022
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