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    Brushless DC Motor Controller, 12V ~ 56V

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    Brushless DC motor controller drives motor under 120W, used for 24V/36V BLDC worm gear motor or planetary gear motor to perform speed control, power supply range from 12V to 30V, typical power 48V DC. This motor driver is compact and easy operation with external potentiometer.
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    Brushless DC motor driver works at 12V to 56V power supply and typical power is 48V DC. Its speed control is up to 20000 rpm, output current is up to 15A, used for worm and planetary gear motor.


    Model ATO-BLD300 (Click it to see more controller specs)
    Power Supply 12V ~ 56V DC
    Typical Power 48V DC
    Rated Current 15A
    Max. Output Current 15A
    Over Voltage Protection 5V
    Under Voltage Protection 12mA
    External Potentiometer 10KΩ
    Input Analog Voltage 5 VDC
    Speed Control Range 20000rpm
    *Limited by the maximum rated speed of the motor

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of BLDC Motor Controller 12V ~ 56V


    12V~56V BLDC Motor Controller Details

    Tips: Working principle of brushless DC motor controller

    Brushless DC motor controller uses the voltage and frequency modulation technology in power electronics technology to modulate the DC power stored in the power battery into rectangular wave or sine wave AC power required to control the motor, and change the voltage, current amplitude or frequency of the output power. In turn, the motor speed and torque are changed to achieve the purpose of controlling the speed and acceleration of the entire vehicle.

    Existing reviews of Brushless DC Motor Controller, 12V ~ 56V
    Need a data sheet
    Can this brushless DC motor controller be used to control the winding current of the motor? Please send its data sheet.
    From: Beahn | Date: 05/04/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Please see the data specification and manual in this one, maybe this product is more suitable:
    You need to tell us: what is the measured maximum torque in Nm? Also what is the max rpm?
    Excellent performance.
    Very impressed so far. This BLDC motor controller worked great with DC worm gear motors. The speed, brakes, and direction change inputs all work and are responsive. Quite good especially considering the price. Will continue testing for longevity.
    From: Alexander | Date: 19/05/2022
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    Very good motor speed controller
    Good little speed controller! I used this motor controller to replace a bad one. It works perfectly! It can govern the speed very well. This brushless motor controller is easy to intall.
    From: Peter | Date: 23/03/2022
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