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    60m Digital Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth

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    This laser distance meter has a measuring range of 60m, with Bluetooth connection function and an accuracy of ±2. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this laser displacement meter provides precise measurements with the touch of a button, ensuring your projects are completed flawlessly.
    SKU: ATO-DM-BT60
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    Experience the convenience of wireless data transfer with our Bluetooth-enabled laser distance meter. It syncs seamlessly with your mobile device, making data collection and sharing a breeze.


    Model ATO-DM-BT60
    Laser Measure 50m
    Accuracy ±2mm
    Minimum Display Unit 0.001m
    Continuous Measurement
    Area and Volume Measurement
    Pythagorean Indirect Measurement
    Self-Service Calibration Function
    Sound On/Off
    Sound Prompt
    Laser Type Level 2, 630-670nm, <1mW
    Automatically Turn Off Laser Time 20s
    Automatic Shutdown Time 150s
    Storage Temperature Range - 20°C~ 60°C
    Working Temperature Range 0°C~40°C
    Storage Humidity 20%~ 80%RH
    Battery 3.7V 850mAh Lithium Battery
    Number of Charge and Discharge Times 500 Times
    Charging Specifications DC 5V≥1A Type-C USB interface
    Number of Working Times at Full Power 8,000 Times
    Screen Segment LCD
    Dimension 100.3x33.4x 18.3mm
    Weight 160g


    • Type C charging interface, 850mAh high-capacity lithium battery, long-lasting endurance.
    • A large screen display that can simultaneously show multiple sets of data.
    • Bluetooth distance meter with a length of 10cm and a body thickness of 1.8cm.
    • 50m Bluetooth distance meter compact and lightweight design allows for easy measurements in various scenarios.

    Dimension Unit (mm)

    Bluetooth laser distance meter dimension

    Tips: Are Bluetooth laser distance meters compatible with all smartphones and tablets?

    Bluetooth laser distance meters are typically compatible with a wide range of smartphones and tablets. They use standard Bluetooth technology for wireless communication, which is supported by most modern devices. However, compatibility can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer of the distance meter, as well as the operating system and Bluetooth capabilities of the smartphone or tablet. It's essential to check the product specifications and compatibility lists provided by the manufacturer to ensure that your particular device is supported.

    In general, as long as your smartphone or tablet has Bluetooth functionality, it's likely that you can pair it with a Bluetooth laser distance meter. Still, it's a good practice to confirm compatibility to avoid any potential issues when using these devices together.

    Existing reviews of 60m Digital Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth
    It is exactly as advertised.
    Works great, very accurate, makes measuring longer distances quick and easy.
    From: Ian | Date: 09/11/2023
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