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    60W Internal Heating Handheld Soldering Gun

    The 60W handheld soldering gun has a high quality alloy tip and ABS strong plastic with a comfortable grip for extended use. The automatic solder gun is an internal heating type soldering iron, which heats up quickly and increases efficiency. The internal heating handheld solder gun allows one-handed operation and can be used quickly by novices.
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    The 60W internal heating handheld solder gun for sale, with a preheating time of 2-4 minutes, is quick and easy to use. The handheld welding gun is ideal for fast and efficient soldering, whether you are dealing with delicate electronic circuits or heavy electrical connections


    • Model: ATO-SD-G10160
    • Power: 60W
    • Working Temperature: 480 °C
    • Voltage: 110/220V
    • Power plug: Euro/US/UK/AU
    • Dimension: 205* 150* 42mm
    • Indicator Light: Yes
    • Applicable Wire Diameter: 0.5mm~1.2mm
    • Weight: 0.33kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Handheld solder-gun dimension

    Usage Introduction

    Handheld solder gun usage introduction

    1. Attach the solder wire to the holder.
    2. Press the tin inlet to straighten the solder wire.
    3. Check if the tin is smooth.
    4. Install the tin wire holder.
    5. Power on the power switch.
    6. Complete the steps, and start using.




    Internal heating soldering gun detail


    Automatic soldering gun sockets


    Soldering guns are widely used in the manufacture and repair of electronic devices, such as computers, radios, and televisions. They are also used in automotive and industrial settings, where they are used to repair electrical wiring, circuit boards, and other components. Additionally, soldering guns are used in jewelry making and metalworking, where they are used to join metal components together for decorative and functional purposes.

    Soldering gun application

    Tips: How to choose a solder gun?

    • Purpose: The first thing to consider when choosing a solder gun is the purpose for which it will be used. Are you using it for electronics or plumbing?
    • Power: The second thing to consider is the power of the solder gun. For electronics work, a lower power soldering iron is often sufficient, while plumbing may require a higher powered solder gun.
    • Temperature control: The third factor to consider is temperature control. Look for a solder gun with adjustable temperature control, so you can easily adjust the heat to match the material you are working with.
    • Tip size and shape: The fourth factor to consider is the tip size and shape. Choose a solder gun with the right size and shape of tip for the work you will be doing.
    • Corded or cordless: The fifth factor to consider is whether you want a corded or cordless solder gun. Cordless models are more portable and convenient, while corded models offer more consistent power and heat.
    • Brand and warranty: Finally, choose a solder gun from a reputable brand with a good warranty. This will ensure you get a quality product that will last for years to come.
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