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    70A/140A 4-12S Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) for Dual BLDC Motor

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    The provided 70A/140A electronic speed controller is used for dual brushless motors. The 4-12S ESC controller can turn on when you turn the car on and activates when it detects that you may lose control. BLDC electronic speed controller is suitable for the robot, RC cars, DUY off-road vehicles, electric cars and bicycles.
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    Low cost ESC controller is widely used in remote control and vehicle applications. Continuous current 70A/140A, safe voltage 14-60V (4S -12S). The provided electronic speed controller supports the current/duty cycle/speed/position control mode and can adjust the speed of the motor according to the control signal.


    • Model: ATO-VH-M67PS-N-070
    • Voltage: 14V-60V (Cells: 4-13S, safe for 4S to 12S, voltage spikes may not exceed 60V)
    • Continuous Current: 70A
    • Instantaneous Current: 200A
    • Size: 67mmx39mmx18.7mm
    • Weight: 130g
    • EPRM: 150000
    • Motor Cable: 12 AWG
    • Power Cable: 12 AWG
    • Regenerative capacity: Yes
    • Programmable: Yes
    • Communication Method: PPM, ADC, NRF, UART
    • Communication Ports: USB, CAN, UART, SPI, IC
    • Supported Sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047, AS5048A
    • Control Mode: Current, duty cycle, speed and position control modes are supported.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    70A/140A 4-12S Electronic Speed Controller Dimension

    Wiring diagram

    70A/140A 4-12S Electronic Speed Controller Wiring Diagram

    Tips: How does an electronic speed controller work?

    The ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) translates this movement by the driver into a signal that increases or decreases the power produced by the motor. The Receiver picks up the signal from your transmitter in the model and, once decoded, is sent to the ESC.

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    High Performance Electronic Speed Controller
    I received the 4-12S ESC controller well-packed, and the controller works well. Good value, will recommend it!
    From: Gerlach | Date: 08/02/2023
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