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    800A DC Contactor, 12V/24V/48V

    It is a DC contactor with high current, normally open contact type and a rated load current of the contact circuit of 800A. The voltage options include 12V, 24V, 48V, etc. This 800A DC contactor is made of the same material, has good conductivity, sensitive response, low price and guaranteed quality.
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    This is a normally open contact type high current DC contactor. The rated load current of its contact circuit is 800A, and the voltage can be selected as 12V DC contactor, 24V DC contactor, 48V DC contactor, etc. This 800A DC contactor uses silver contact points, which increases the frequency of use of the conductor, increases the contact effect, and has a long service life.


    • 800A DC contactor has the characteristics of small size, large load capacity, long service life and simple maintenance, and is very popular among users.
    • 800 amps contactor complies with the requirements of the ministry standards JB2286-78, JB3974-85, YD/585-92, YD/T512-92. It has been tested in the factory and by relevant testing units and meets the requirements of the ministry standards. It has been used by users for many years to satisfy users to the maximum extent. Needed, reliable quality.
    • Single coil 800A DC contactor are suitable for electric forklifts, battery trucks, tractors, excavators, brick making machines, cleaning vehicles, automotive air conditioners, communication power supplies, switch control of electronic control circuits of uninterruptible power supplies, electroplating power supplies and other systems.


    Model ATO-SZJ800A
    Contact Form Normally open
    Coil Rated Voltage (DC V) 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 84V, 120V, 150V
    Contact Rated Voltage (DC V) ≤80V
    Contact 48V Circuit Rated Load Current (DC-1) 800A
    Main Contact Contact Voltage Drop under 100A Load ≯80mV
    Cooling pull-in voltage (V), (20±5)℃ ≯70%
    Cooling Release Operating Voltage (V), (20±5)℃ ≯40%,≮5%
    40℃ Coil Operating Voltage Range 0.8-1.2Us
    Power-on Action Time 30ms
    Power off Release Time 15ms
    Maximum Bounce Time of Contact Connection 10ms
    Maximum Bounce Time of Contact Disconnection 3ms
    Insulation Resistance 20MΩ
    Dielectric Strength 50Hz/60Hz 1000VAC 1minute
    Maximum Breaking Capacity of Main Contact (Power on for 5ms) 2000A/5ms at 48V/DC
    Coil Power Consumption (W) Start: 120-170, Hold: 6-12
    Coil Temperature Rise (K) ≤45
    Terminal Temperature Rise (K) ≤65
    Electrical Life 10000 times
    Mechanical Life 300,000 times
    Work Specifications Continuous
    Contact Material Silver alloy
    Load Terminal Type M12 screw
    Coil Terminal Type M4 screw
    Auxiliary Contact Rated Load (Optional) 2A/48VDC, 5A/24VDC
    Testing Agency Certification CE, FCC, RoHS

    Load Characteristic Curve

    800A DC contactor estimated electric life800A DC contactor estimated contact performance

    Installation Dimension Diagram

    800A DC contactor installation dimension drawing

    Wiring Diagram & Coil Temperature Rise Curve Graph

    800A DC contactor wiring diagram

    One way is normally open (SPST 1NO)
    1 and 2 are contact terminals
    A1 and A2 are coil terminals
    L1 is the take-off winding L2 is the holding winding

    800A DC contactor coil temperature rise curve graph

    Mechanical Capabilities and Usage Environment

    Contact Terminal M8 Tightening Torque (Nm) ≯30 is appropriate
    Coil Lead-out M4 Tightening Torque (Nm) ≯1.2 is appropriate
    Ambient Temperature -25~+70℃
    Relative Humidity +20℃ 98%
    Vibration Frequency at Fixed Location 3G, 1~50Hz, amplitude 0.5mm
    Impact (60~100) times/min, acceleration ≤4g
    Altitude 2000 meters
    Installation Direction Arbitrary
    Protection Level IP40 (equivalent to IEC60947)

    Tips: What are the advantages of DC contactors?

    • High-speed switching: The response time of DC contactors is very fast and can complete the connection and disconnection of circuits in milliseconds, which makes them very suitable for applications that require frequent switching of circuits in a short time, such as battery management, DC electromagnet control, etc. .
    • Long life: Since the mechanical contacts in the DC contactor do not wear out as frequently as the AC contactor during the switching process, the life of the DC contactor is much longer than that of the AC contactor under the same load. This is also the reason for the DC contactor. One of the advantages in high frequency switching applications.
    • High reliability: There is no arc polarity inside the DC contactor, and the arc voltage generated during the switching process is very low. The arc is small and not prone to high-frequency oscillation, which makes the DC contactor more reliable than the AC contactor. High, the output is more stable.
    • Low arc voltage: Due to the low arc voltage, when DC contactors control high-voltage DC loads, they have lower voltage loss compared to AC contactors, which can reduce power loss and be more efficient.
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