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    800W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, 24V/48V/96V

    The compact 800W vertical axis wind turbine offers a dependable and effective renewable energy solution, featuring a rated wind speed of 12m/s and a selection of 24V/48V/96V options. ATO vertical axis wind turbines are perfectly suited for applications in residences, marine vessels, and the powering of solar street lights through wind energy.
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    Shop our affordable 48V household vertical wind generator, ideal for those seeking cost-effective renewable energy solutions. This innovative 800W vertical axis wind turbine features blades constructed from durable reinforced fiberglass, while its three-blade design harnesses wind resources efficiently to yield optimal power generation.


    Model ATO-X9-800
    Rated Power 800W
    Rated Voltage 24V/48V/96V
    With Controller Yes
    Start Up Wind Speed 2m/s
    Rated Wind Speed 12m/s
    Survival Wind Speed 50m/s
    Wind Wheel Diameter/Height 0.5m/1.5m
    Number of Blades 3
    Blades Material Nylon
    Fuselage Material Reinforced FRP
    Magnetic Steel NdFeB
    Generator Type Three-phase AC permanent magnetically suspended generators
    Controller System Electromagnetic brakes
    Speed Regulation 360° Automatically Adjust Windard
    Installation Flange DN20
    Degree of protection IP54
    Gross Weight 90kg
    Package Dimension 1495*455*855 mm

    (Unit: mm)

    800 1000W vertical axis wind turbine dimension

    Tips: What is the typical life expectancy of a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)?

    The lifespan of a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) is subject to various factors, including the quality of materials used during its construction, the frequency and intensity of its operation, and the level of maintenance it undergoes.

    In general, a well-designed and adequately maintained VAWT can endure for approximately 20-25 years or even longer. Nevertheless, this lifespan may notably diminish if the turbine is exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, high winds, or corrosive elements.

    It's essential to note that VAWTs represent a relatively recent technology, and ongoing research is dedicated to evaluating their long-term durability and performance. As this technology continues to progress and refine, we can anticipate extended lifespans and enhanced overall performance from these wind turbines.

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